Flag Supporting Donald Trump Placed Near A School Contains Vulgar Message: Is This Free Speech? Should It Be Removed?

A vulgar flag supporting President Donald Trump's reelection campaign is dividing an entire community because of its vulgar message. Is there more to the story?

source: Newsweek

A flag supporting President Donald Trump that is flying high in front of the Bedford Road Elementary School in Pleasantville, New York has caused an uproar because of its vulgar content.

Officials and parents have reached out to the unnamed homeowners who placed the flag that reads, "Trump 2020 No More Bull Sh*t."

Several parents along with Mary Fox-Alter, the superintendent of the Pleasantville Union Free School District in Westchester County, have requested that the flag be removed.

Not because of politics, but because the BS part is not abbreviated it is spelled out and young children can read the profanity.

It is believed that about 600 students walk in front of the vulgar “Trump 2020” flag every day.

 The superintendent said she was contacted by numerous families concerned with the phrase forcing her to reach out to the couple who lives across the street from the elementary school.

Speaking to local media, Fox-Alter explained: “In the spirit of being a good neighbor, in the spirit of partnership… would you please remove the flag with the obscenity on it. I absolutely understood that he had freedom of speech, had nothing to do with the politics behind it. They had no intention of taking down the flag.”

Marise D’Souza, a mother, who has a child attending the school, shared her thoughts on the flag: “Kids ages 5 to 10 go by that flag every day, and they can read.” 

She went on to say: “I believe in free speech, and I believe in the ability to express your opinions, but I think this is a community, and people need to think about what they’re putting out there, especially in front of our children.” 

The homeowner, who did not wish to reveal his identity, told CBS New York that he and his family are firm believers in the First Amendment and will, therefore, keep the flag.

The man stated that children are exposed to far worse on the Internet and social media.

He confessed to being a true supporter of Trump who is secretly being pushed by a group of parents to leave the flag in front of the home.