Florida Coast Guard detained 100 people for human smuggling.

source: www.zenger.news

Florida Coast Guard detained 100 people for human smuggling.

The coast guard carried out several operations in recent days dismantling various operations.

According to the definition given by the United States Department of Immigration and Customs, human smuggling is the crime through which the transportation of people who voluntarily try to enter a country illegally is facilitated. Although it is often confused with human trafficking (when people are exploited for forced labor or sexually exploited), they are two very different categories under US law.

"Human smuggling is dangerous and illegal. Rear Admiral Brendan McPherson, commander of the 7th Coast Guard District and commander of the Southeastern Task Force Security Department, said in a statement that smugglers exploit vulnerable people for profit, even if they risk their lives. Territorial.

And is that the coast guard in Florida has extensive experience identifying operations of this type of crime. For example, between last Sunday and Tuesday, the coast guard, in collaboration with other federal and local agencies, detained 100 people on the coasts of the Florida peninsula, preventing three different attempts at human smuggling.

"Air and maritime operations have the objective of patrolling the waters of the Florida Straits and, together with our allies, we strive every day to defeat the efforts of smugglers who do not respect anything," said Gerald Burgess, spokesman for the Coast Guard.

Last Sunday, 43 people were arrested off the coast of Jupiter in eastern Florida. These people were part of an operation that the authorities found suspected of human smuggling. A man is behind bars and facing federal charges for this crime. If they are not US citizens, Detainees are deported to their home country. Authorities did not say which countries the detainees came from.

The same Sunday, 26 other people were arrested in a similar operation off the coast of Ocean Boulevard. The following Tuesday, 28 people were detained off the coast of Pompano Beach, attempting to reach Florida. As it turned out, as part of the operation, a group of 26 other people managed to reach Florida without being stopped by the Coast Guard, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Although there has been no confirmation of the country of origin of those trying to reach the United States illegally by sea in these cases, it is known that such ships often come from Cuba because of their proximity. Since last October, federal authorities have detained 400 Cubans in human trafficking operations at sea.

The number of these types of operations has been increasing in recent months. If the trend continues, we could be at the greatest smuggling of people from Cuba to the United States in the last five years. An understandable fact gave the precarious situation on the island under the communist dictatorship.