Florida Governor promised COVID-19 restrictions would not return, even if cases increase.

source: cnn.edition.com

The infections have increased considerably in Florida in recent weeks. However, the times of closures due to the pandemic seem to be a thing of the past.

After months in which it seemed that the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to be left behind, the combination of more than half of the population that refuses to receive the vaccine with the appearance of highly contagious variants, such as Delta, have resulted in an increase in coronavirus cases in Florida.

More than 8,000 people tested positive for COVID-19 in the state on Wednesday, the last day on which official data was reported so far. Hospitals such as Jackson Memorial in Miami have written more than a 100% increase in the number of hospitalizations due to the virus in the last two weeks. An increase in the number of cases is already beginning to be seen.

The specter of the company's closure is in everyone's head in the face of what some consider to be the fourth wave of infections. However, Governor Ron DeSantis has made it very clear that this will not happen in this state.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended this week that given the pandemic state, those over the age of two and school employees wear masks back to school. But in Florida, this will not happen.

"That is not going to happen in Florida; our children need to breathe, " DeSantis said at a press conference from the city of Fort Pierce. "Is it healthy for them to have their breathing obstructed throughout the day? I do not believe it".

This has become a new chapter in DeSantis' confrontation with the federal government over handling the pandemic. Regarding masks in schools, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, commented that she would be very concerned if her children went to school in Florida.

Throughout the COVID-19 explosion, DeSantis has been one of the authorities in the country that has promoted the most relaxed policy, avoiding closures and preserving businesses. Unfortunately, this has pitted him against health authorities such as the country's leading epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Given this confrontation, DeSantis is anticipating what the federal government may do and has asked the Florida legislature to hold a special session to consider possible actions that the state may take if the federal government wants to impose a mandatory use of masks on students in schools.

While DeSantis opposes shutdowns and the mandatory wearing of masks, he does not deny the severity of the virus. His administration has carried out an aggressive vaccination campaign that has made inoculation in Florida available without significant restrictions for those over 18 years of age earlier than in most states in the country.

But just because it is available does not mean that people are getting the vaccine. At the moment, about 48% of the state population has received the two doses of the vaccine, making it the 26th state in the nation in percentage of vaccinated residents.