Florida Man Asks Walmart Employee—I Need A Weapon That Will Kill 200 People

source: Flickr

Florida law enforcement officials, according to a report by ABC News, are currently searching for a man who allegedly approached a Walmart employee stating he was looking for a weapon “that would kill 200 people.”

The incident reportedly occurred at a Port St. Lucie Walmart, in Florida, on Wednesday evening.  This comes less than a week after two separate shootings, one of which took the lives of a reported 22 people at an El Paso, Texas Walmart.

The individual that law enforcement is searching for is shown in video footage as he approached a Walmart sales clerk.  He proceeded to ask: "Can you sell me anything that would kill 200 people?" The individual in question is described as being in his 50s or 60s. 

 The employee replied: "That isn't funny." The individual, in turn, replied: "I know," before going on to repeat his question.  Law enforcement stated that the individual then left the store, and as of yet has not been identified.

This latest reported incident occurred after a weekend that saw not one, but two, mass shooting.  One shooting occurred in Dayton, Ohio, where a gunman reportedly killed nine people and left an estimated dozen more injured.  

Once the dust had settled, between the shooting in Ohio, and the shooting in El Paso, Texas, a total of 31 people lost their lives.  Ever since the incidents, there have been numerous threats involving various Walmart stores, that have left both customers and employees frightened and on edge.

A Florida man called a Walmart store on Sunday, making the statement that "he'd be there in five minutes to 'shoot up' the store." Then again on Wednesday, a 13-year-old made threats against a Walmart in Weslaco, Texas, on social media.  

The word is that Walmart employees are expressing their concern about the sale of firearms by the company.  There has even been a petition started at Change.org, in an attempt to persuade Walmart to stop selling guns as well as reports of workers at numerous locations threatening to walk out if a change is not made.

Rumors have been flying all week as to why the shooters took up arms and went on their rampages.  Some reports state that the El Paso shooting was fueled by the dislike of immigrants, with the shooter reportedly saying that he was gunning for Mexicans. 

 As for the Dayton shooter, not much is known on what his motive might have been.  In the end, we may never really find out the full truth, or reason why these individuals chose to kill.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Should staunch precautions be put into place in the event of such perceived threats as those above?