Florida to send cops to Texas and Arizona to help control the border.

source: pnj.com

Governor Ron DeSantis has a personal crusade against the federal government on immigration issues. In a new chapter of this dispute, Florida will send agents to the border.

Amid the national debate over security (or lack thereof) on the country's southern border, some governors are taking action.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey sent a letter to the nation's 48 other governors asking for assistance in controlling many people who want to cross the border illegally every day. Logically, many interpret this move as a partisan fact of two Republican governors opposing the immigration policy of a Democratic president.

Perhaps also politically motivated, the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis -one of the main conservative figures in the country-, added to the controversy by announcing that his state will be sending police officers to help in the two states that have the most kilometers of the border in the country.

While he did not elaborate on how many officers will go, when it will happen, or how much it will cost Florida taxpayers, Governor DeSantis said he has already spoken with the departments of patrol control, law enforcement, and the fish and wildlife commission. To collaborate with this effort. In addition, the governor claimed to have received offers from the police departments of the Brevard, Escambia, Hillsborough, Holmes, Lee, Okaloosa, Pasco, Santa Rosa, and Walton counties to send people from his force to the border.

"The Biden administration ended effective policies against illegal immigration on the southern border imposed by President Trump. They revoked policies designed to protect our border and keep us safe, "DeSantis said at a press conference with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

Two days ago, Modi's office appealed to a brief appeals court to stay the Biden administration's immigration enforcement decisions. And it wasn't the first time Moody attempted at court. The state of Florida went to the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals after District Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell rejected a request for a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit Moody filed in March.

Said lawsuit alleges that the memos signed by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Immigration on January 20 and February 18, 2021, violate immigration laws and the administrative procedure act.

There is a widespread public interest in enforcing immigration laws. Particularly with those dangerous criminals", indicates the official document signed by Moody.

It is an open secret that Moody is not acting on behalf of Florida alone but is a personal crusade by DeSantis, who has presidential aspirations, against President Biden.

DeSantis, before becoming governor, was a federal congressman for the state of Florida. His heavy-handed rhetoric on immigration made him famous, although when he became governor, he moderated his speech.