Florida Woman Angenette Welk Notorious For Smiling In Tragic Incident Mugshot Sentenced To Prison -- Was It All Fair?

Angenette Welk, the Florida woman, who became an Internet sensation for smiling in her mugshot, will spend 11 years in prison for the death of Sandra Clarkson.

source: Marion County Sheriff's Office

Angenette Welk, the Florida woman, who became famous for smiling in her police mugshot after causing a tragic incident, was successfully convicted of DUI manslaughter and sentenced to prison. 

There is no trace of her smile anymore, as she instead displayed a completely different demeanor during her final court appearance.

The court has sentenced her to 11 years in prison for the incident in which she killed 60-year-old Sandra Clarkson. 

Welk was seen crying in the courtroom as her sentence was being delivered to her, and claimed that she was sorry for causing the incident. 

She added that if it was possible for her to change places with the victim of the crash, she would do it "in a heartbeat."

The incident was caused by Welk when she dropped her phone in her car and tried to get it, according to her confession. 

The woman caused a chain crash which took the life of Clarkson, who was riding along in a car driven by her daughter, Shiyanne Kroll, who was 18 at the time. 

When Welk got arrested, Kroll said: "She needs to be sitting in the jail. She needs to rot in hell. I want to spit in her face."

Her older sister, Keonna Sciacca, added at the time: "We didn't get to spend any time with my mother. We have to mourn her death. She has no remorse. If she did, she would never get behind the wheel. She deserves no mercy."

Welk lawyer said at the time: "Mrs. Welk is a good-hearted person, a wife, mother and friend who is devastated by what happened. Her heart breaks for the Clarkston family."

The on-scene investigation revealed that Welk had a BAC of 0.16, two times over the legally allowed limit.

There has been much discussion over her sentencing after the news came out, although it does not look like everyone agrees with the court's decision. 

Some have pointed out that the sentence might be a bit too harsh, but most seem to be in defense of the decision, claiming that driving under the influence should be punished harshly with no exceptions.

Do you think 11 years in prison is fair for what she did, yes or no?