Flоridа's Соvid whistle-blоwer by Rebeсса Jоnes is hорing tо set uр а sсаndаl-sсаrred, Reр. Mаtt Gаetz

"It's ridiculous that he's still at the office. It's the kind of people who will help us," Rebecca Jones.

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The scientist, who has said he was fired by the Government. Ron DeSantis, for refusing to censor the state's Covid-19 numbers, said on Tuesday that she was hoping to devote to other high-profile Republican politicians in the state, Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Rebecca Jones, " said the congressman, who is currently under investigation by the justice department for allegedly paying an underage girl for sex, it is to be vulnerable.

"I'm hoping that I can do it better than a sex trafficker," Jones told NBC News. "It's ridiculous that he's still at the office. It's the kind of people who are supposed to help."

Jones, who is currently living in the states of california, berkeley, as did the announcement of a new Instagram account, her Twitter account has been suspended. She told me that she had run away from Twitter for the repeated transfer of the Miami Herald, the article is highly critical of DeSantis.

"I was hoping that someone in the Republican Party, would have to increase, especially for him, and I don't see that happening," Jones said in the video. "And so, if it takes for me to come back to Florida to perform at Matt Gaetz, and then I'm going to do it. If it does, there is a child sex trafficker, out of the office, and you're in hell I'll do it."

Gaetz under investigation for obstruction, law enforcement officials said

Gaetz, whose district in the Florida Panhandle, has refused to accept the payment of a teenage girl for sex.

"Congressman Gaetz's faces no criminal charges," his spokesman, Harlan Hill, said in an email to NBC News. "Mrs. Jones, you can't say that it's the same thing."

Jones was charged in December with the hacking of the computer, or against a fee, but they will deny it.

In colombia, the police have caused the death of about 20 people, the international rights group says

Is responsible for the drawing up and updating of the state's Covid-19 dashboard, and Jones was dismissed from the ministry of health in May of 2020, and, in her words, refusing to "need to change in order to drum up support for the plan to re-open."

It was a reference to DeSantis ' plan to re-open in Florida, despite the fact that the virus was raging through the state. The vast majority of the nearly 38,000 Covid-19 deaths and 2.3 million in confirmed cases in the state is reported to be in the year 2020, according to NBC News, figures, and other Covid-19, and databases.

Soon after, they were driven out, and Jones served as a confidential whistle-blower complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, and she says that she was punished for speaking out.

DeSantis and other officials have denied Jones's accusations. However, in October, the Florida Department of law Enforcement officials, acting on a warrant, raided Jones's home in Tallahassee, grabbed her and took her back to a personal telephone, and laptop computers.