FMF will investigate the Irapuato Club by open letter from Javier San Román to López Obrador.


In the document disseminated through social networks, the President of the fresero team pointed out that corruption in football institutions prevented him from promoting to the Expansion League.

The Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) announced that it would initiate an ex officio investigation against Fernando Javier San Román Cervantes and the Club Irapuato, the team that he presides, for an open letter viralized on social networks. In the document, he ruled against the decision made by Liga MX and Expansión, which did not respect the promotion of the strawberry club to the silver division despite having won the Premier League championship. He even requested the support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"The Disciplinary Commission informs that is determined, based on the provisions of article 74, 84 and 85 of the Sanctions Regulations, to open an ex officio investigation procedure against the Irapuato Club and its 

The President, Mr. Fernando Javier San Roman Cervantes, for the statements issued through the media and social networks on July 8, 2021, "confirmed the sports organization.

And it is that in May 2016, Irapuato managed to qualify for the final of the Premier League against another of the best teams in the tournament, that is, Cruz Azul Hidalgo. In the two-round match, La Trinca managed to win the overall score of three goals against one and established himself as the top monarch in his division. This achievement made them eligible to participate as a guest team in the Expansion League as a new franchise during the 2021-22 season.

However, on July 5 of this year, the FMF reported through an official statement that both Irapuato, as well as the Durango Club and the Matamoros Club, also sought to be the 18th team in the silver division, were rejected. As reported by the institution, an independent auditor informed the General Directorate of Operations of the institution:

In the presence of the General Secretariat, presided over by the directorates of the Premier League and Expansion League, none of the three clubs complied with the financial structure, economic control, and legal structure, among others established as minimums to be considered as a guest in Liga de Expansión MX."

Given this, the team president announced his dissatisfaction with the decision. In the letter disseminated through social networks, he said he did not know "the reasons why the FMF, Liga MX, and Expansión stopped the promotion of the Irapuato team, which was thanks to the efforts of players, management, state authorities and municipalities, and above all from that great hobby."

In it, he denied that the governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, has any kind of financial intervention in the club, which is why, some versions claim, they were denied promotion. On the contrary, he assured that his sports project is self-sustaining and denounced that "many team owners who believe that professional football is operated with a blow because they do not know the way of study, work, and effort."

Another of the features that stood out in the document was the point he made to Alejandro Irarragorri "for serious money deviations" and assured that he would make all the legal and administrative effort so that the strawberry squad championship is respected. Also, he urged the FMF to correct the action that he considered an error and injustice, and, finally, he went to the President of the Republic to ask him to pay attention to the corruption of the institutions involved.

Given this, the son of the author of the letter and who serves as a shareholder and technical director of the team, Javier San Román, detached himself from the content of the document. Through his Twitter account, he also denied agreeing with this position and assured that they would seek dialogue with the FMF to resolve their discrepancies.