For alleged purchase of missiles, Álex Saab is once again in check after his extradition to the United States.


The Colombian would have participated in the exchange of products with Iranians, ignoring US regulations. It is being investigated whether there were weapons in the containers he was in charge of.

For several months, the Chavista dictatorship tried to stop the extradition of one of its most influential front men, the man from Barranquilla Álex Saab, primarily to preserve the regime's secrets. However, all the defenses and lawsuits they invented did not make the man reach American soil. Saab now faces the prospect of spending 20 years in a maximum-security prison in the United States, away from his family and his bulging bank account.

After his arrival in Miami this Saturday, where he faces charges for the millionaire money laundering, he will appear for the first time before a judge in Miami this Monday. A spokeswoman for the Justice Department, Nicole Navas, confirmed to Efe at the last minute that Saab "was extradited today from Cape Verde to the United States to be processed for the charges that were brought against him in July 2019" in a southern federal court. From Florida.

"(Saab) is scheduled to make its initial appearance on Monday, October 18 at 1:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. GMT) before Judge John J. O'Sullivan of the United States Federal Court for the Southern District. from Florida," Navas said.

However, now it presents a new legal mess. According to an investigation revealed by El Tiempo, Nicolás Maduro's frontman will have to face new prosecution processes. According to the information provided by the newspaper, Saab is also being investigated for having participated in different negotiations with Iranians. Among them, the man passed a container full of food and gasoline in which several missiles and weapons sent from Iran to Nicolás Maduro would have been illegally included.

El Tiempo assured that its source in Washington mentioned that it was doubtful that Saab had only negotiated food during his meeting with the Iranians. In addition, it was established that Iranian army personnel traveled to Venezuela to modify the 3,979 Igla missiles that the Maduro regime has and thus give them more fantastic range.

The investigation against him:

In 2019, federal prosecutors in Miami charged him as the main protagonist of a bribery scheme that pocketed more than $ 350 million from a low-income housing project for the Venezuelan regime.

The Donald Trump administration sanctioned the Chavismo frontman for using a network of shell companies that span the world - in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Hong Kong, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico - to hide huge profits from illicit food contracts obtained through kickbacks and kickbacks.

Some of Saab's contracts were obtained by paying bribes to the adult children of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores, the Trump administration alleged. Commonly known in Venezuela as "Los Chamos," slang for "children," the three men are also being investigated by prosecutors in Miami for allegedly being part of a plan to divert USD 1.2 billion from Venezuela's state oil company. The Associated Press reported.

In addition, the US authorities accuse him of breaching a contract to deliver housing construction materials or of incurring cost overruns in the social program Gran Misión Vivienda, run by the Hugo Chávez government.