Fordham Student Dies After Falling Off a Clock Tower -- A Community Is Getting Ready To Say Goodbye

A Fordham University student died Sunday after falling from a clocktower, she was reportedly trying to take a photo. Sydney Monfries was a journalism student.

source: New York Post

Tragedy has struck the Fordham University campus after a 22-year-old student Sydney Monfries fell from a clocktower and died later in the hospital. 

The student’s family is reportedly still in shock from the incident and have been trying to process what has happened. 

The only silver lining in the cloud in the whole situation is that the family got to spend some final moments with their daughter while she was still alive in the hospital.

A family friend revealed: "Her parents and sister are heartbroken, to say the least. The world has lost a wonderful person."

It is still not entirely clear exactly what went down that led to the tragic death of the young girl. 

What is known is that she and a group of her friends had climbed up the clocktower and fell off by accident at some point.  Some claim they wanted to take a picture for social media.

The tower is reportedly locked for safety reasons most of the time, although students frequently violate this rule.

Some have pointed out that the administration should have taken more precautions to secure the place if it was a known gathering spot for students.

Others have placed the blamed on the girl herself. University officials have not commented on this aspect of the incident.

The girl reportedly had a close relationship with her family and got along with them fine, adding to the tragic nature of her death. 

Many of her friends and relatives have expressed their sympathies to the family online. 

Students at the university have been deeply affected by the girl’s death as well, with reports claiming that the overall mood around campus has been very depressed after the incident.

One of them shared: "The mood on campus has been very depressing. It’s gonna be difficult to graduate in front of this building. This is where she died. We’re all gonna be thinking about it."

The family has put out the following statement: "Sydney was 22 and was poised to graduate from Fordham University next month. [She] was the light of her family’s and every other life she touched."

The funeral is set for Monday in Harlem.

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