Former Hockey Player Darren Partch And California Mom Wendi Miller Found Dead In Newport Beach Condo -- What Happened?

The murders of Wendi Miller and Darren Partch in California have shaken an entire community that is now looking for clues and answers to explain what happened.

source: People

A man and a woman have been found dead in a California apartment, according to official reports, in what is currently being investigated as a double homicide. 

The victims have been identified as Darren Partch, former hockey player, and Wendi Miller, criminal justice advocate. 

Specific details around the case remain sketchy and unconfirmed, and there has been a lot of speculation about their deaths ever since the bodies were initially discovered.

The two have not been confirmed as having been together. The exact nature of their relationship is still being looked into. 

According to reports, the cause of death has been gunshot wounds, with a family member of Miller claiming that she did not suffer when she was killed.

 Terri Rawson, a neighbor of Miller's shared: "She was a Christian and a really sweet lady who would do anything for you. It's shocking and heartbreaking that she won't be with us. I'm really going to miss her because she's a great neighbor." 

Another neighbor Debbie Moore-Miller added: "The cops are saying that it's a homicide, which means it's not a murder/suicide. So somebody killed them. So where's the killer?"

So far, police have no solid leads in the case and have not made any arrests yet. 

Authorities have urged anyone with more information to step forward and assist the investigation.

The speculative nature of the crime has led to a lot of discussions online, and authorities have additionally advised people to be wary of rumors and other unconfirmed reports that might cast doubt on the investigation.

Miller was reportedly involved in an advocacy organization that she founded, through which she attempted to protect children in the family court system. 

One of the main theories right now is that her work was somehow related to her demise, although this is just speculation at this point.

Not much is known about the reason Partch was killed, with some speculating that he may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Miller was 48 years old, and Partch was 38.

Do you think there is a sinister motive behind this tragedy, yes or no?