Former political prisoners of Castroism, leaders in exile


Former political prisoners of Castroism, leaders in exile, and Latin American leaders detailed the crimes against humanity of the Cuban regime.

Meeting at the Miami City Hall, the International Commission for Justice Cuba and the Hemispheric Front for Freedom denounced the barbarism of Castroism. One of these testimonies was that of Orlando Fonseca, founder of the "Despierta Angola" platform. He denounced that the military intervention caused the "worst massacre" in this African nation and one of the most serious in recent history.

The Miami City Council hosted the conference "Review of the criminal regime of Cuba," where the "crimes against humanity" committed by the Cuban regime were analyzed. Exile leaders, Latin American leaders, and former political prisoners on the island intervened.

The International Commission organized the conference for Justice in Cuba and the Hemispheric Front for Freedom, formed last March and made up of politicians, NGOs, former diplomats, and academics from fifteen Latin American countries.

Orlando Gutiérrez, leader of the Cuban Democratic Directorate in exile, assured after the event that the main achievement of this meeting is that the Cuban people "received recognition of their right to representation in their struggle as a legal tool. For Liberty".

"The Cuba Justice Commission and the Hemispheric Front for Freedom asked the parliaments of the free world to recognize the Congress of the Cuban Nation and the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance as legitimate representatives of the Cuban people," he said.

This effort received the support of former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, who showed in a video reproduced during the conference his "admiration for the heroism and perseverance" of the Cuban refugee in the fight for freedom in his country.

The person responsible for giving way to the different testimonies made at the conference was Luis Zúñiga. He spent 19 years in Cuban prisons and has lived as an emigrant in the United States for nearly 30 years.

One of these testimonies was Orlando Fonseca, founder of the "Despierta Angola" platform. He denounced that Cuba's military intervention in this country caused the "worst massacre" of this African nation and one of the most serious in recent history. Of humanity. Intervention in Cuba deprived Angola of its true independence and democracy, killing tens of thousands of people. Let's hope they get justice one day, the human rights activist said.

Berta Antúnez, activist and sister of the former political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez, better known as Antúnez, presented the case of Misael Díaz Paseiro, who was released from prison a few weeks ago after three years in prison. Díaz Paseiro showed in a video his willingness to continue in the fight, despite the "torture" suffered during his period in prison and the alleged attacks against his home and family by the Cuban regime, and urged the people of the island to a "national strike" to confront the Government of Havana.

The journalist Gelet Fragela also intervened, who highlighted the case of her partner from the DNA Cuba Esteban Rodríguez and the artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, who, she said, have been victims of arbitrary detentions and abuses by the Cuban Government..

The head of the snake in our hemisphere is Cuba. We can fight and defeat this snake by God's will because the people of our country are suffering because of the ideology that is in humanity, Francis said. The worst is fraud. Miami Mayor Sawyers announces the event.

The conference will feature various political figures from the continent, such as Costa Rican deputy  Dragos Dolanescu, president of the  Costa Rica Justa party, and secretary-general of the Hemispheric Front for Freedom. Also joining the event are  Ricardo Godoy, deputy of the  Legislative Assembly of El Salvador for the Arena Party; Dominican Congressman  Elías Wessin, from the Quisqueyano Christian Democratic Party; the jurist  René Bolio, president of the  Mexican Commission for Human Rights and the  International Commission for Justice Cuba, and Hipólito Ramírez, president of the  Dominican Democratic Board.

"There is a serious problem in Latin America, in which the totalitarian communist regimes are supporting the change towards evil in many of our countries; they are attacking our freedom and our democracy by all possible means," said  Bolio. "So, if they are doing it in an organized and concerted way, we have to react by telling the truth and denouncing what is happening," he added.