Former U.S. Marine Wanted To Become The Next El Chapo -- Is This Linked To Immigration?

A former U.S. Marine involved in the cocaine trade tried to climb up the ranks by using his contacts. The story sparked a debate about immigration and the wall.

Former U.S. Marine Wanted To Become The Next El Chapo -- Is This Linked To Immigration?462
source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Reports have been coming out about a  former U.S. Marine who had allegedly exploited his position in the military in an attempt to climb to the highest ranks of the drug trade.

The Marine,  Leatherneck combat vet Angel Dominguez Ramirez, was reportedly responsible for a major cocaine trafficking ring that dealt with dozens of workers and had its roots deep in Mexican politics.

The case has been described as a significant incident in the world of the drug trade, with unprecedented connections with politicians and authority figures.

More than forty people have been implicated so far, and authorities have already seized thousands of pounds of cocaine.

The amount of money the small empire had been generating was reportedly quite also impressive, with almost $10 million in profits seized by authorities.

Investigations continue, although things do not look pretty for the people involved in the ring right now.

Authorities have already uncovered extensive information about the way the ring was run.

According to court filings, "an unprecedented level of corruption within the Mexican government, local police departments, federal police agencies, and military."

Multiple sources of the shipping operations have been identified already, and there are claims that Peru and Venezuela have been among the main import sources for the drug ring.

A specialized pipeline was exploited to transport money back into Mexico.

The Marine had aspirations to become the next El Chapo, reports say.

It is not clear if what authorities have currently uncovered accounts for a large portion of his operation or if observers are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

However, at this point, investigations are likely going to dig deep into the alleged sources and connections.

The story sparked many reactions in regards to immigration and the Donald Trump wall. The suspect has dual citizenship -- Mexican-American.  

One commenter stated: "A forty-month sentence?  I doubt he will even serve two years of that sentence either so this guy must've been squealing like a pig to the DEA only to get 40 months for an operation of this size, there are others serving life sentences for a whole lot less.  I'm guessing he must've been a wealth of information on the cartels he'd been dealing with, that's the only way I can see him getting off so light but have to imagine that the cartels know this too and he's not very long for this world. Have to give it to him though, a pretty industrious guy right there, lol.  You don't hear of too many people trying to directly compete with the cartels and living to tell the tale.  It sure sounds like he told the tale to anyone who would listen though, lol."

Is this really linked to immigration?