Four Women Get Convicted For Leaving Water For Undocumented Immigrants At The Border -- Were They Wrong?

Four women are trying to be on the right side of history in the immigration debate, but a judge just told them that they are doing this the wrong way.

Four Women Get Convicted For Leaving Water For Undocumented Immigrants At The Border -- Were They Wrong?465
source: Yahoo News

A group of women -- Natalie Hoffman, Oona Holcomb, Madeline Huse, and Zaachila Orozco-McCormick -- is learning the hard way that indeed no good deed goes unpunished.

Last week, the four activists were sentenced to 15 months probation and slapped with a $250 fine each for simply leaving water for migrants attempting to cross the scorching hot desert from Mexico to the  U.S.

Hoffman, Holcomb, Huse, and Orozco-McCormickare are volunteers who work with the organization known as No More Deaths.

The goal of No More Deaths is self-explanatory --- save the lives of immigrants crossing into the United States illegally by placing gallons of water in areas that smugglers have a habit of using.

A federal judge punished the foursome after they were caught placing jugs of water and cans of beans for the undocumented immigrants.

 Huse issued a statement from the organization where she slammed those whom she believes are on the wrong side of history pertaining to border crisis and President Donald Trump's billion-dollar wall.

She said: "The border crisis in this country is a matter of life and death. History will not favor those on the wrong side of it. Our border policy continues to push people into remote and dangerous parts of the desert."

Mr. Trump was at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland hours after the sentencing where he lit up the room by defending the national emergency he declared to obtain funding for his "big and beautiful wall."

POTUS told the gleeful audience: "The lawless chaos on our southern border provides a lucrative cash flow to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planet. We are being invaded. We’re being invaded by drugs, by people, by criminals, and we have to stop it.”

He added: "Deadly cartels constantly, daily, hourly, violate our borders to flood our cities with drugs that kill thousands and thousands of our citizens, violently. What are these people talking about when they talk about the border, keep it open? Keep what open? Have you been there, have you seen?"

He concluded by saying that America needs new immigration policies and sanctuary cities must be shut down.

The four women will serve unsupervised probations.