Fox News Poll Shows Two 2020 Hopefuls Possible Contenders To Beat Trump—Do They Have The Chops To Pull It Off?

Only two in the massive field of 20 contenders are favored to possibly beat Trump in the 2020 national election.

source: The Nation

Fox News conducted a poll recently, and what they discovered was pretty much an eye-opener.  There are so many democrat hopefuls who has announced that their campaigns that it the field has taken on the appearance of a makeshift March Madness bracket. 

With this comparison in mind, if the field of hopefuls were indeed brackets, it would appear the top two seeds would actually be the former Vice President Joe Biden along with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  Add in the fact that according to further data from the very same poll, either of the hopefuls is said to be favored to unseat President Trump in the 2020 election.

While conducting the poll, participating Democrat voters for the primary were presented with the names of the 20 current potential candidates for the upcoming 2020 Democratic nomination.  Of those 20 names read, 31 percent gave Joe Biden the top honor, and 23 percent put Bernie Sanders close behind.

Following behind the top two choices in the second tier were California Kamala Harris tying with former Texas Representative Beto 0'Rourke both with 8 percent respectively.  Rounding out the candidates were New Jersey Senator Cory Booker with 4 percent, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 4 percent, and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand with 2 percent.  The remainder of the candidates present as what would be the 16th seed, receiving less than 2 percent each.

Although the percentages were pretty accurate, eleven percent of those polled were unsure of their personal picks.  However, with the information that was obtained, Sanders had the edge with those surveyed who were 45 or under, whereas Biden held the 45 and over participants.

The poll also showed that men, women, whites, non-whites, college graduates, and non-graduates of the field of Democratic primary voters polled put Biden at the top of the list, with Sanders coming in a strong second.

It was also determined that those primary voters polled were more likely to support and vote for the candidate that they thought could win over President Trump, at the percentage of fifty-one, rather than the candidate that they actually liked, putting this percentage at thirty-six.

Although Joe Biden hasn’t of this writing declared his campaign for candidacy, he did slip up recently and stated he would be tossing his hat into the 2020 election ring.  It is expected that he will be making his official announcement sometime in April.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Do either hopeful, Biden or Sanders, have the gravitas and following to garner the votes to unseat President Trump in 2020?