France fines Google $ 267 million FOR abuse of dominant position " in the online advertising

Regulators in Europe are cracking down on of the biggest tech giants in the united states, in the midst of the turmoil that they have a lot of power


In the French service, to report to the imposition of fines Google € 220 million ($267 million) of the misuse of market power of online adverts.

The French competition authority said on Monday that Google is unfairly sent the company, their services, and are competitors. According to the PSA's patrol stations, and Google has agreed to pay the fines, and put a halt to a portion of its pre-eminence as the independent practice.

Research studies have revealed that Google has been giving preferential treatment to its advertising server, DFP, which means that publishers of websites and applications in order to sell the inventory on their own platforms for a list of the SECURITY Standard, which makes up for the auction process, which will make it possible for the publishers to sell to advertisers, to the "image," or the advertising of the resources. Google's competitors, and the publishing houses have been affected, as a result, the regulator said.

Isabelle de Silva, president of the French competition authority, said in a statement that it is the first in the world to look at the complex algorithmic auction, the processes by which online advertising, 'screen' works.""

And he said, adding that the investigation was revealed, the processes in which Google has performed better than its competitors, such as advertising, servers, and platform suppliers, the parts that are used, the software, the publisher, software to manage and sell, and optimizing of advertising space on its websites and mobile apps.

"This is a very serious experience of being punished, the competition in the online advertising and prevents the Google of not only maintaining but also increasing their dominant position," de Silva said.

"This is the penalties and responsibilities, which makes it possible for us to restore a level playing field for all participants, and the opportunity for the publishers to make the most of your own day."

Google announced in a blog post on Monday, there will be a number of changes to its advertising technology.

"We acknowledge the role of advertising techniques, with access to the content of information, and are committed to working with regulatory authorities, and to invest in new products and technologies to provide the publishers with more options and better performance, when you use our platform," wrote Maria, Gomri, the CEO of Google, in France.

The investigation was launched after the Us News Corp., the French newspaper, Le Figaro, and the Belgian press on behalf of the group Rossel has submitted an application for a summons and of the complaint to Google.

Regulators in Europe are pushing the big US tech giants are in the midst of the concern that they have a very wide grip, with over 700 million citizens of the european union.

Last week, Facebook was the victim of two of the anti-trust yoxlamalara by the regulatory authority in the united kingdom and Europe.