French President Emmanuel Macron Presents Legion Of Honor To American Veterans With Donald Trump On His Best Behavior

French President Emmanuel Macron And his American counterpart, Donald Trump, put on a show of unity around the D-Day celebrations. Can they keep this going?

source: Instagram

The attack on D-Day changed a lot in the course of World War 2, and the heroic sacrifice of all soldiers involved in the big push is still remembered by many. 

Recently, the world saw French President Emmanuel Macron present the Legion of Honor to American veterans from the fateful day. 

He thanked them for their service and expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire French nation.

The European leader stated: "We know what we owe to you, our veterans: our freedom. On behalf of my country, I want to say, 'Thank you.' France will never forget."

Five men in total received the high honor from the French president, and US President Donald Trump was also in attendance, congratulating each veteran himself as well. 

Trump delivered his own speech on the matter, thanking the men for their service and for their heroic sacrifice in the war, which had enabled the whole country to experience the taste of true freedom.

The American president: "You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live. These men ran through the fires of hell . . . They came here and saved freedom, and then they went home and showed us all what freedom is about." 

The audience was very warm towards the veterans as well, applauding and cheering them wildly as Trump and Macron went around all of them. 

Many other veterans attended the ceremony as well, and it was a very touching event overall that brought many people together for the first time in quite a while.

This was also one of the rare cases where Trump had managed to not draw any negative attention to himself, as many praised him for the way he acted with the veterans, and for giving them the kind of service that they deserved. 

However, it looks like Trump still has a large number of issues to deal with on the support front, as he's been losing the confidence of some of his supporters recently. 

Despite the smiles and calls for unity, France and America have many disagreements at the moment on issues like Iran and climate change.

Did Trump help his case for 2020 by behaving like a real statesman during his latest European trip, yes or no?