From the pineapples of Rojo and Izquierdoz to the provocation of the president of Mineiro


From the pineapples of Rojo and Izquierdoz to the provocation of the president of Mineiro: all the videos of the incidents of the scandal with Boca in Brazil.

Xeneize once again starred in a controversy with the VAR. After being eliminated from the Copa Libertadores, violent events took place in the bowels of Mineirao.

Boca was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores involved in a scandal that began once the penalty shootout ended, which declared Atlético Mineiro the winner of the series for the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores. As happened in the first leg played in the Bombonera, the visiting team had a goal disallowed at the request of the VAR. Enraged by what happened, once the duel ended, the images seen in the dressing room area of ​​the Mineirao stadium were eloquent.

It all started when members of the Brazilian club, including the president of the Galo club, Sergio Coelho, met several members of the Argentine delegation. After that, the situation seemed under control until a security agent with bib number 145 located at the exit of the tunnel to the changing room area had said something to Raúl Cascini, which provoked the ire of one of the members of the Xeneize Football Council.

From what happened, the incidents began in the bowels of the stadium. In the videos that took a public domain, you can see how Cascini himself, Miguel Ángel Russo, his field assistant Leandro Somoza, Jorge Bermúdez, and several players such as Sebastián Villa, Javier García, and two of the team's top references, captain Carlos Izquierdoz and Marcos Rojos begin to exchange blows with the security of the place.

In one of the leaked images, you can see how Villa throws different objects at the agents. The same happened with Cristian Pavón. For his part, Somoza could not be controlled, and together with Fernando Gayoso, Boca's goalkeeper coach, they threw down several of the fences located to cut off circulation in the area.

On the other hand, one of the protagonists of the incidents was Sergio Coelho, the owner of Mineiro. In the run-up to the rematch, the president of the Galo announced that the Argentine squad was not going to have a cordial welcome to Brazilian territory. "We are going to receive them in the same way that they received us," he said. "It was a total disappointment. The managers were detained by the club's security guards and had to wait 40 minutes to be released," he added a few hours after leaving Buenos Aires.

In the early morning of this Wednesday, Coelho starred in a regrettable action. As the images showed, the club president threw bottles of water at the Boca players when they approached the vicinity of the local dressing room in the middle of the revolt. Although several of the local footballers tried to calm him down, including former River Nacho Fernández, the head of the Brazilian club could not contain his anger.

In addition to the visible anger that the members of the Boca Soccer Council and Russo himself had along with part of his coaching staff, an enraged Cali Izquierdoz pointed at one of the stadium security characters punched him. Then, the one who appeared on the scene was Rojo, who also went to look for the same agent in one of the corridors of the Belo Horizonte compound.

After the bullfights between the players and the security, the one who acted was the Brazilian military police, who used tear gas to dispel the footballers and part of the Xeneize delegation. The official broadcast videos were eloquent: Lisandro López, Alan Varela, Damián Lanatta -the team's physical trainer- and several close associates of the Argentine crew had to go out to the Mineirao playing field to recover the air lost by the effect of the gases.

Once the chaos subsided, several incidents were singled out and charged by the security forces. In this way, the members of the Council Raúl Cascini and Jorge Bermúdez, the players Carlos Izquierdoz, Javier García, Sebastián Villa, Carlos Zambrano, Marcos Rojo, the field assistant Leandro Somoza and the goalkeeper coach Fernando Gayoso had to go to declare . To avoid breaking the bubble, everyone stayed inside the bus, and the one who intervened in the police statement was the Argentine consul.

Due to the delay that occurred with the incidents and the subsequent intervention of the police, the Boca campus spent the night in Belo Horizonte and rescheduled its flight to return to Buenos Aires this afternoon.