Game of Thrones: George RR Martin returns to HBO for five years.

source: businessinsider

HBO has just secured George RR Martin's services for five years and no less than six new series.

We do not eliminate the goose that yields the golden eggs! Faced with Game of Thrones' worldwide success and the development of numerous spin-offs, HBO has just secured the services of George RR Martin for the next five years. Despite a lackluster last season, Game of Thrones is about to come back with a bang through six new programs. And no question for the production to do without Martin. Eight-figure compensation and multiple benefits, the contract is not by halves.

Besides the development of Roadmarks, a 1979 novel, Martin is already working on a project called Who Fears Death, based on a short story by Nnedi Okoranfor. Without forgetting, the franchise to dragons will soon return with a bang on our screens.

A massive partnership

Already involved in House of The Dragon's development, Martin offers his work and his creative skills. This prequel, already eagerly awaited, traces the Targaryen dynasty's arrival in the land of Westeros. Among the other projects, we are already actively talking about 10,000 Ships. If this name remains provisional, we know that this project will stage the journey of the warrior queen Nymeria. There will also be the spin-off centered on Dunk and Egg, secondary characters, heroes of their novel.

However, the contract signed by Martin does not guarantee any exclusivity with HBO. Indeed, the author is also in the phase of work with another streaming service, Peacock. In this context, he is developing a new original series called Wild Cards. At the same time, Martin continues to write novels since the sixth volume of the literary saga appears soon. For now, this new work would be called Les Vents de L'Hiver.

While the health crisis is not weakening, the bet is daring, both economically and artistically. With so many projects on the clock, HBO will have to ensure titanic means to come to the end of this enterprise. But fans no longer hide their emotion. Game of Thrones has just made a comeback as the top trend on social networks. The various spin-offs' announcement had already aroused a large wave of enthusiasm at the start of the week.

Martin, therefore, secures a lot of money and projects for the next few years. Like JK Rowling, the author surely did not expect his creative universe to become such a global phenomenon that is not about to die out!