George Clooney Defends Meghan Markle From the Media Pursuit. Does He Have a Point?

source: Wikimedia Commons

While promoting his new comedy series ''Catch 22'', George Clooney has publicly criticized the public treatment and the media pursuit of his family friend, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Success. Clonney, 57, indirectly referred to the journalists, pointing out that the media dissection of the Duchess could have devastating consequences.

Talking to Australia's Who Magazine Tuesday, the actor commented that Meghan Markle has been ''pursued and vilified the same way as Diana''. In an ominous tone, George Clooney warned that he had already seen how it ended, referring to the tragic car crash in Paris in 1997 when Princess Diana passed away in an attempt to escape from the paparazzi.

The Ocean's 11 co-star did not stop here. He went on, heavily criticizing the recently-leaked content of a letter that reportedly Meghan Markle wrote to her estranged father after her wedding with Prince Harry. Clooney commented that it was beyond frustrating the publish a personal letter from a daughter to her father. 

In his view, the attitude of the broadcaster, the English tabloid Daily Mail, which published the letter, was irresponsible, especially taken into consideration that the Duchess is seven-month pregnant.

In the same interview, Clooney also commented on the rumors that he and his wife Amal would become godparents of Harry and Meghan's baby. Laughingly, Clooney declined the suggestion saying that as a father of two, he had enough to deal with.

The Oscar winner is not the first member of the Duchess' inner circle to publicly defend her in the media. Last week, five of her closest friends opened up in an interview with People magazine to speak up against the ''global bullying'' Meghan Markle is going through since she joined the Royal Family.

The anonymous group of friends, one of which identified as a '' source from LA'', talked about their recent visit to Meghan and Harry's country home, highlighting that the Duchess cooked for them all the time and was very friendly, and hospitable. According to her friends, the former Suits actress has been trying silently to cope with all the unhealthy media attention she has been given lately. However, in their view, it could cause her emotional trauma.

In a rare tweet, Luxembourg’s Princess Tessy also defended the fellow Royal, pointing out that she did not deserve such an attitude. Princess Tessy, who was born a commoner too, urged the public to stay kind as it was the new cool.

Do you agree with Princess Tessy and George Clooney? Should media leave the Duchess some privacy?