Gervonta Davis is a three-time world champion after defeating Mario "Azteca" Barrios by knockout.


The Mexican American mentioned that he was not resentful of the outcome of the fight.

American boxer Gervonta "Tank" Davis defeated Mexican American Mario "Azteca" Barrios by knockout. With this victory, he won the World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Lightweight title at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was in the eleventh round when Mayweather's pupil landed a strong blow in the soft areas of his opponent and marked the fate of the fight, as "Azteca" fell to the canvas without further ado. Although Barrios managed to get up with an effort, the American did not let him rest. When he beat him, the referee decided to stop the fight.

With this decision, David got a new belt since he already had the one corresponding to the Super featherweight and the Regular Lightweight championship, both by the WBA.

According to ESPN, David stressed that he had given all his effort and met all the requirements to obtain this new title at the end of the fight.

"I made it difficult. I definitely could have made things easier for me, but I went up two weight divisions and did my job [...] just the adjustments I made going up to 140", said the boxer.

The American delved into that his technique was neat and never hit to cause an injury to his opponent because that was not his goal.

"I expect, I hit him clean; that's the kind of fighter I am. I don't want to hurt you with anything; I knew that if I hit him, he was ready. I caught it, and it showed. My coach told me to switch to a jabbing style, but I am a southpaw, and people know that I will lean to the jab side. So I tried to use it as bait. I threatened to go to the left and threw my right. And my hook, with that I ended it, he expressed.

He also mentioned that he already knew about Barrios' injury. Hence, it was just a matter of waiting for the right moment to conclude the fight.

Floyd (Mayweather) came and said I'm disappointed, and I know he is. Then he told me to show him that I am spectacular. And so we do it here! I can't compare myself to the greats yet. You know this man (Floyd) set the rod. I'm just following in your footsteps, and I thank you for leading me on the right path, Floyd; I appreciate you. "I am just happy to be in this position," he said.

For his part, the Mexican-American thanked those present for attending the event and said there were no negative feelings about the outcome.

I have never been sad. Congratulations to Tank. He came here and did his part in this fight with as much interest as we both predicted.

He was the best tonight, but I will be back. Gervonta is explosive. He caught me slipping, and that's boxing. One hit can change a fight, and that's exactly what happened tonight. Congratulations to him. Of course, I wanted to continue. I told everyone I would show them that I am a true Aztec fighter, and I hope everyone today enjoys fighting," Mario Barrios said at the end of the gala.