Gigi Wu Dies After Massive Fall -- Should Dangerous Pictures Get Banned On Social Media?

A woman known on social media as "bikini climber" froze to death after a huge fall. Is more awareness needed for people taking dangerous pictures?

source: Arab News

Gigi Wu, better known as the “Bikini Climber” to her fans and the media, has reportedly suffered a tragic incident on her most recent adventure.

Her body has been discovered in a ravine in the Yushan Mountain, where she reportedly froze to death after a massive fall spanning over 60 feet.

After the fall, Wu called a friend for help. Due to injuries in her lower body, she could not move at the time.

When rescuers located the young Internet sensation's body on Monday afternoon, it was already too late.

Capt. Chang Ching-piao of the Nantou County Government Fire Station shared with CNN: "Her body is still there, and we will send the helicopter tomorrow again to fetch the body."

The situation was made even more difficult by the problematic weather, which prevented rescuers from attempting to recover her from the scene of the incident for over 24 hours. By the time they were able to get to Wu, she had already perished.

Wu rose to fame through her activity on social media, where she became a celebrity known for her daring adventures.

Wu enjoyed posing in minimal clothing -- typically just her bikini -- under challenging conditions. All of this to get some breathtaking views.

This was not the first time her adventures had gotten her in trouble, as she had previously posted about an incident that left her a little bruised and scratched, but otherwise fine.

Wu seemed to acknowledge the fact that her survival was a lucky one back then, but apparently, she did not have luck on her side this time.

Some of her numerous supporters have expressed their condolences on social media, and many are currently actively sharing classic pictures of her as a form of tribute.

Hopefully, if her activities have inspired anyone, her tragic death would also serve as a warning to others thinking of taking up such a dangerous lifestyle.

As we have clearly seen, the risks can be fatal when it comes to taking the ideal picture.

Should social media sites find ways to discourage their users from attempting those wild stunts? Do you think there are other ways to try to prevent those tragic incidents?