Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting: 4 dead, 12 injured -- Could That Have Been Prevented?

source: Pixabay

At least four people were killed, and 15 were injured when at least one gunman opened fire on the crowd celebrating the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival near San Jose.

According to Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee, the shooter was killed too by the law enforcement. A search is still underway for a possible second suspect, Smithee added. The role of the second person in the shooting remains unclear.

The police have not revealed more information about the identities of the shooter and the possible accomplice. The motives behind the mass shooting remain unclear. 

 There is weapons prohibition at Christmas Hill Park where the festival was being held. In addition to that, the law enforcement denied entry to anyone wearing clothing indicating membership in a gang.

The security staff check bags upon arrival but the shooter appeared to have cut through the fence to access the event, Smithee said. 

According to some witnesses, the shooter had some rifle and shooting randomly. At first, many people thought it was fireworks. Video from the scene appears to show people screaming and running, in an attempt to save their lives. One of the witnesses told the media that it was complete chaos.

Jack van Breen, the singer of the band Tin Man, appeared to have a word with the shooter. He told the police that he saw a man wearing a green shirt and a gray handkerchief around his neck. The man was also holding a rifle, van Breen said. When the signer asked him why he was doing this, the shooter responded that he was furious.

Six of the wounded festival-goers were transported to St. Louise Regional Hospital. Another group of five injured people went to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. All of them suffered from gunshot wounds, confirmed Joy Alexiou, a spokesperson for the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Most of the victims were in fair to serious condition, Alexiou announced.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said he was monitoring the situation closely. The same goes for President Trump, who encouraged the people in the area to stay safe and alert. The former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden urged the lawmakers on Twitter to fix, in his words, ''our broken gun laws.''

The festival was founded in 1979 to celebrate the local garlic industry. It features garlic-inspired foods, drinks, ice-cream, cooking competitions, and more. Volunteers host the event.

Do you support or oppose Joe Biden's words that we need to amend our gun laws to avoid mass shooting in the future?