Google meet will be pre-installed on new Chromebooks.


Google developed an alliance with Zoom to launch a particular application of the video calling platform.

Google has officially revealed the most recent update of the computer operating system, Chrome OS. Together with this, it announced several news that will arrive for its line of Chromebook laptops.

One of the most exciting changes that will come with Chrome OS 92 will be that Google's video calling application, Google Meet, will come pre-installed on all Chromebooks that already come with the update. This decision would have been raised to establish the native application as the primary option for digital meetings and encounters on these Google devices.

According to the company, the update would automatically install the program on all devices that make use of the new version of Chrome OS; however, as reported by The Verge, not all current laptops with the operating system have received this change, for what is more confident that the measure is officially adopted starting with the new models that come onto the market.

Regarding Google Meet, the company clarified that with the update of the operating system also came a series of improvements for the application. The main changes would be improvements in performance, such as the fact that video calls adapt to different network conditions so that the connection is not lost despite latency variations and adjust the version of the video during the use of the screen sharing function.

This may not be a significant change for those already used to using Google's video calling app, but it would be an impulse to switch to those using other programs with the same functionality like Discord or Zoom. Interestingly, it does not mean that it completely disappears from the line above of laptops for the latter.

As Google disclosed, the company developed a partnership with Zoom to launch a particular version of this application with Chromebooks in mind. It is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that will be available for download through the Google Play Store.

The exciting thing about PWAs is that, unlike a typical application, its operation, in summary, consists of using a native browser of the device on which it is downloaded, which means that a complete application will not be installed but a kind of shortcut to access faster than the technical equivalent of a web page dedicated to the program in question.

About this particular version of Zoom, Google clarified that it will work as well as any other and that it will include several benefits such as faster performance, less storage space occupied on the PC, and the inclusion of the latest features such as meeting rooms, live transcription, and a new call background suppression feature for added privacy.

Other novelties that arrive with the new update of Chrome OS are an emoji selector with a search bar that can be activated with a shortcut of keys, support for eSIM in laptops compatible with that virtual card, and a digital magazine in the app. Explore designed for children and families similar to the featured segment on the Apple App Store.