Google will ask its users to stop looking at the cell phone while walking.


It is a new option that will come to the Digital Wellbeing tool, which can be activated or deactivated manually.

Google introduced Digital Wellbeing, a tool built into Android, a new function that reminds users to lift their heads from their cell phones when walking down the street to avoid accidents.

"Look ahead" or "Heads up," when activated, sends reminders to users to look away from the phone while moving down the street to focus on what is around them.

These notices first appeared in the code of Google's Digital Wellbeing application in November of last year. Now the company will begin to activate the tool, first on Pixel phones and then on the rest of the devices, as reported in XDA Developers.

The function can be activated from the "Reduce interruptions" section. The system is capable of detecting the movement of users and has access to GPS.

The "Look ahead" mode is optional and can be enabled or disabled from the configuration menu. Currently, the option is available on Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 devices when the version of Digital Wellbeing v1.0.364375698 is running, a beta version, as explained on the 9to5Google site.

To be a beta user of Digital Wellbeing, you must have the Pixel models mentioned above. Suppose you have both requirements, and you still do not see the function. In that case, you have to go to Settings / Applications / Digital Wellbeing / Clear cache and force stop the application. When you reopen the app, you should be able to enable the "Look ahead" function.

What's new in Google Lens

The Google Lens mobile application added a new text-in-image recognition feature to the Google Photos service for the desktop version: they will be able to copy text from a photo.

The service displays for this feature, called "Copy text from images," the Lens logo, to identify that the technology comes from this company's image recognition service.

The lens is a service that reaches desktop devices for the first time. Until now, it was only available for mobile phones: either in Lens's own application or through functions for the Android versions of Google Photos and the Google Photos app. your Finder.

This feature's operation on the desktop is similar to its mobile version, as it displays an animation with dots that appear in the image and selects all the text in the photo by default.

The text is displayed on the right side of the screen, and the user can select only a part if he wishes with floating markers on the image.