GOP Candidate Harrison Floyd Appears To Threaten Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Bernie Sanders In New Campaign Video

A Republican candidate running, Floyd, for Congress in Georgia has put out a video where he appears to threaten liberal figures like Bernie Sanders and AOC.

source: YouTube

Things are getting interesting in the upcoming 2020 US elections -- to say the least.

A recently-released video for the campaign of GOP candidate Harrison Floyd, who is running for Congress, seems to be implying certain odd things about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

The video shows pictures of the two politicians in succession, after which it switches over to footage of Floyd engaged in firearm combat.

He can then be heard saying, "I'll fight socialists in Congress the same way I fought terrorists in the desert. I'm running for Congress because my family and I didn't fight for our freedoms to allow our country to fall to socialism."

As can be expected, it did not take long for the video to gather a lot of attention, with many people commenting on how ridiculous it all looked, while others seemed more concerned with the implications presented.

While Floyd did not make any real threats, the implication in the video seems clear enough, and it has sent some worrying signals across the board.

Floyd has not commented any further on the video, other than to explain that he believed in freedom and did not want his country to "fall to socialism."

Floyd has served in the Marines and appears quite attached to his military days.

Some of his fellow politicians seemed to distance themselves from him after the footage was released, and it does not look like he is enjoying much support across the board yet.

Still, some did comment positively on his idea, stating that the country needs more people with a strong motivation like his own.

There has also been a minor discussion about the issue of death threats in politics, although it does not look like Floyd has been under much fire for that yet.

Democratic candidate for Georgia's seventh congressional district Carolyn Bourdeaux slammed the video and added: "Violence has absolutely no place in our public discourse & I denounce this abhorrent video in the strongest possible terms. This message doesn't represent GA values & for Harrison Floyd to enter this race by inciting violence is wrong."

Do you think Floyd crossed a line, yes or no?