Groom, Accused Of Assaulting Teenage Waitress, Attacking Cops At Drunken Wedding Brawl, Is Claiming Innocence

Wedding quickly turns into a pre-divorce after the groom makes inappropriate advances towards a teenage waitress. His lawyer is still claiming innocence.

source: Bucks County District Attorney's office

A couple in Pennsylvania may have set a new record for the fastest divorce as they got into a huge argument right at their wedding. 

It does not look like Matthew Aimers, 31, and his future ex-bride are going to be getting back together, judging by the nature of the incident. 

According to reports, the wedding reception erupted into chaos after Aimers was caught making inappropriate advances towards a waitress.

To make things worse, the girl was apparently still a teenager. Aimers reportedly attempted to take her outside and engage her in physical acts, although he was quickly shot down. 

That was not the end of things though -- reports claim that later in the night, Aimers followed the waitress to a bathroom stall, where he exposed himself while groping her. Apparently, he even offered her $100 to get his way with her.

By the time police arrived at the scene, the groom was in the middle of a fistfight with several other guests. 

He attempted to get the officers involved in the brawl too, trying to attack them and shouting obscenities towards them.

However, in the end, Aimers was successfully arrested and taken into custody. 

While some couples have managed to recover from incidents in their relationships, it does not look like this particular marriage had any chance of lasting.

There have been no reports from the bride’s side yet, although it makes sense that she would probably want to maintain a low profile after this incident. 

Thankfully, nobody got seriously hurt during the massive brawl, and officers managed to bring the situation under control quickly and professionally. 

Aimers' lawyer, Louis Busico, has denied all of the charges on his behalf. He added: "He maintains his innocence, and he looks forward to clearing his name when this is all concluded."

The photos that the groom posted on Facebook told a completely different tale -- he is beaming in them.

Aimers posted bail on Wednesday (10 percent $350,000), and a sex assault hearing is set for February 21. The wedding celebration that ended in a drunken brawl took place on November 24.

Should the wife forgive him? Should he face harsh punishment for assaulting the teenage waitress while drunk?