Guardians Of The Galaxy Franchise Could Possibly Be Rebooted—How Will The Fandom React?

With all the shakeups revolving around the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Marvel considers the bold move of a reboot.

source: Digital Trends

Ever since James Gunn was ousted from the MCU, the future of the franchise he created has been hanging in a sort of limbo.  No, I am not talking about the massive effect that Thano’s finger snap had on our favorite band of scavengers.  I am talking about whether or not there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and what the face of the sequel may look like.

One thing to keep in mind, nothing is known for sure at this point about the future of the franchise.  Although many speculate about the next sequel, even the stars of the film have stated that the movie is being seen as "on hold indefinitely."  

The powers that be over at Marvel have indicated that the James Gunn incident, and resulting firing, did in no way impact the plans they had laid out for the heroes.  If we were to read between the lines, then there is a good chance that the third movie will just as stalled after the events of Avengers: Endgame as it was before. 

Anyone who has read to Guardians of the Galaxy comics, on which the movie franchise is based, they already know that in that universe the Guardians have already been rebooted, as it were.  As a result, there are those that speculate that maybe a reboot is a direction that the Marvel executives are considering, and it just may save the franchise in the end.  If the reboot works so well in the comics, then one has to wonder why not as well on the big screen.

The answer to that one is pretty simple—the fans.  Fans of comics, over the decades, have become used to their superheroes taking on new faces, as the mantel is passed down from one to the other.  Not all fans of the Marvel movies are or have ever been, comic book fans as well.  They view their characters in an entirely different manner, and they are not too keen on new actors filling their favorite actor's shoes. 

So, if indeed a reboot of the franchise does occur, Marvel will be walking a very tight rope.  Fans can make, and even break, the continued success of a franchise.  And judging by just how popular each and every character has become in the Guardians franchise, fans are not going to look too fondly on having to get to know new actors in the roles of the central characters.  Reboots are tricky, at best, and with the Guardians franchise, there will be an even bigger struggle to please the fans.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is the rumor of a possible reboot of the Guardians of the Galaxy films in the best interest of the franchise?