Gustavo Alfaro appealed to a famous phrase by Marcelo Gallardo to describe Ecuador's great game


Gustavo Alfaro appealed to a famous phrase by Marcelo Gallardo to describe Ecuador's great game against Brazil for the Copa América.

The team commanded by the Argentine achieved qualification for the quarterfinals on the last date and after a great performance against the local, which had ten consecutive wins.

Gustavo Alfaro, Argentine coach of the Ecuadorian team, praised his Brazilian colleague, Tite, after the great 1-1 draw that qualified his team for the Copa América. These expressions expressed by the former coach of Boca, hug by, took place as soon as equality was consummated in the Olympic stadium of Goiania.

Alfaro asked him to "resist" in office because he is a technician "who dignifies the profession" and that Verdeamarela is going to "become world champion. The images were captured by television cameras, which officially broadcast the meeting. "Keep fighting because this is yours, and you will end up being world champion. Remember what I tell you. Fight against it. You dignify this. Please, I am asking you, please", was the unexpected compliment that Tite found, who was very excited.

It was not the only phrase that went viral. In a press conference, Gustavo Alfaro appealed to a famous saying by Marcelo Gallardo, the River Plate coach and whom he faced on several occasions in his time as a Boca Juniors coach. However, when it came to describing Ecuador's great performance against Brazil, which allowed them to qualify for the quarterfinals on the last day with a draw and against a team that came from ten wins in a row, Lechuga summarized: "It was a final. The only thing I asked the players before the game is to believe".

And I add: "Beyond all the predictions that they gave us like losers or that we were eliminated, the only thing I asked of them is that they believe in them individually, that they believe in him as a team and as a group. That we had a great team in front of us, one of the best in the world, coming off ten consecutive victories. If we looked at the names and statistics, we could feel overwhelmed. But very little time ago, for the Qualifiers, we had played a very difficult game for them, very tight that ended up being defined by details. If we could try to attack them, we could raise a game away from our field".

Regarding the first goal achieved in the continental competition, he assured that "the rating deserves, it is on the side of justice. Because although Brazil is a team that subdues its rivals, "today we also feel that we played the game we wanted to do for it, and that allowed us to get the point we wanted," he said. "The three previous games we had deserved more, and we had to end up closing it. For this reason, I am happy for the boys. They believed because they were strong not to fall at the moment of adversity in Brazil's goal. They showed a lot of manliness, bravery, courage, and pride to seek the result, and they were able to achieve it. For this reason, I want to congratulate the players and thank them for the effort because what they achieved, they achieved", he closed.

Later and already in the formal and virtual press conference, the 58-year-old Rafael assured that the next rival would be Argentina. However, for this, the Albiceleste team will have to beat Bolivia or hope that Paraguay does not beat Uruguay on the last day of Group A:" I am sure that we will meet Argentina in the quarterfinals because their group will win. We will be facing another great team, but we will go to play as we did in the Qualifiers (they lost 1 to 0 in the Bombonera) and as we had also done with Brazil (0-2). The hierarchy is respected; it is not feared".


"I still haven't found the equipment. We are in a search analyzing things and moments. It adapts to the circumstances and the questions that one asks for and they respond to. This is very important. What I ask of them, they do. They make things very easy for me".

"I admire Tite a lot; I think he is an example for us coaches. An example to imitate for his commitment, struggle, and thinking about football. Because of the greatness, he had to teach us how to lose, like when he had to be on the sidelines in the World Cup in Russia against Belgium, where he played a great game. Not everyone had the greatness of him to endure that moment".

"Brazil lives this reality thanks to the players and their talent, obviously, but that talent has a driver (for Tite), an alma mater who gave it meaning and gave this Brazil, as I said, that it is in a position to be. World Champion. Honestly, I would like these coaches to have their prize because it is how the fight is vindicated. They dignify the profession and defend it. In addition, he has a very clear and solid sense of the player's defense and principles. And does not negotiate with them. I want to be the kind of coach, the kind of people, the kind of people to do well.

"Ecuador arrives well (to quarters). Suffering, sacrificing, suffering ... We reap much less than we deserve. The performance of this selection had been good. That Cup gives us a demonstration of what the way is".

"Goodness should not be less than Brazil and more than other competitors. We were smart not to commit suicide or burn the ships when possible. The players had the ability and pride to believe. The virtues are that they have a team that believes in themselves. I told them to enjoy it because they achieved this; everything is absolutely up to the players".