Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are already married, and these are the first photos of the wedding.


The couple had to reschedule their marriage due to the pandemic.

After the couple turned five years of relationship, Gwen Stefani married the singer Blake Shelton last Saturday at the house that the interpreter has in Oklahoma. They requested a license for their marriage, which had a validity that expired ten days after your request.

In the first photographs obtained by the Page Six column of the New York Post, you can see the chapel where their union was celebrated, along with a white tent decorated with flowers spread across the structure. The couple had already revealed that the incident would take place in a cautious and family atmosphere. The newlyweds found themselves saying, "Yes, I accept."

On Monday night, Wayne shared three photos from different times of their wedding. You can see her in her white wedding dress in the first picture, with a jarring neck. The tail of the dress is extended on the grass; next to her, Blake is taking her by the waist and kissing her on the forehead; in the background he is you can appreciate the forest and fantastic sunset, giving you a great postcard.

In the second photo, you can see the bride in a black golf cart, decorated only with a white bow, to make the fiancee's dress stand out completely, in addition to the fact that the singer decided to wear boots of the same color than her dress. Stephanie appears with a big smile, highlights with red lips, and shows the camera a bouquet.

In the last snapshot, the couple is seen kissing. Both are holding a glass of wine. Next to them is the five-story cake that is on top of a bed of white roses. The decoration of the wedding cake is also white a very traditional decor.

The images already have more than 293 thousand "likes" and more than 7 thousand comments. In detail, he also thanked all the guests and people who helped him complete his wedding.

The lovers met in their participation as judges of the reality show La Voz; their chemistry was evident from the first season in its American version. Still, until 2015, their friendship passed into a relationship, this after they divorced of his partners at the time: Gwen from the father of his three children, guitarist Gavin Rossdale, and Blake from his second wife, Miranda Lambert.

The couple has been known for being one of the most stable celebrity unions in the world of American entertainment; they have even worked together on two songs: Go Ahead And Break My Heart, which was part of Shelton's album released in 2016 and If I'm Honest which was part of the Christmas themes that Stefani released the following year.

In October 2020, they engaged and shared it through their social networks, showing the ring and kissing the singer with the description "yes, please."

Weeks later, the fashion designer shared another image with the caption "she is getting married" and held a glass in the hand in which she has the ring.