Hamas Rockets Rain Down On Israel—Country Retaliates with Massive Attack

Israel answers rocket fire from Gaza militants in a display of weapon superiority.

source: Tracy Few

Speaking at the nations weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday Morning, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the massive amount of attack in Gaza would continue.  He went on to say the reason being that the terrorist elements in residence in the coastal enclave continue their assault upon the Israeli state, having fired approximately 430 rockets at the country.

Netanyahu warned that Hamas will be responsible for bearing all responsibility not only for those actions and attacks they commit but for those of the Islamic Jihads actions and attacks as well.  In the end, Hamas will end up paying a very high and costly price.

 According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel has wasted no time in responding to the most current barrage of attacks, by implementing their own airstrikes on over 200 targets across the Gaza area.

In this last back and forth of attacks, the casualties have been low.  A Barzilai hospital stated that one Israeli was killed, when a rocket landed just north of Gaza, in the city of Ashkelon.  And according to Gaza health officials, two Palestinian militants were killed in the airstrikes as well.

There was one report that stated that the IDF killed a one-year-old, and the child's pregnant mother, in an attack on Gaza.  However, the IDF has denied this claim, stating that the deaths were actually caused by the misfiring of a Hamas rocket instead.

The Israeli that was reportedly killed when a rocket hit his house in Ashkelon was stated to be 58 years old.  He was the first Israeli to be killed in the ongoing conflict, by any type of rocket fire, since during the end of the 2014 war.

The two militants that Gaza health officials had confirmed had been killed were stated to be gunmen from the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad.  Those individuals were killed overnight in Gaza, with another two Palestinians having been killed in airstrikes early on Saturday.

The IDF has released a statement that their Iron Dome aerial defense system has worked well, resulting in the interception of dozens of incoming rockets from the militants. 

As for the targets for retaliation, those were stated to include a tunnel, various rocket launcher sites, and multiple compounds used by the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).  There was also a reported strike on a Mosque that was known as being used as a command and control center by the PIJ.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will there ever be peace in the country of Israel?  Will they and the residents of Gaza ever come to a truce?