Hаrris is tаking his first steрs intо the wоrld, when it соmes tо the migrаtiоn оf the sроtlight

As the vice-president of the commission will begin its journey to Guatemala, el salvador and Mexico

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Vice-President-Kamala Harris will meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei on Friday, on his first trip abroad since taking office, the most high-profile of the movement, the result of the efforts of the government, in order to get to the root causes of migration.

This will be Harris, who has little foreign policy, in its most obvious opportunity to present themselves to the world, and the majority of the public, as a test of her ability to navigate a contentious issue that has plagued the state administrations of both parties for decades to come.

The trip was also an opportunity for Harris to recasting, and her first big assignment of the policy, and after a rocky rollout, as assistant to climb for several weeks, in order to clarify the scope of her role, which is a question mark at the top of her vice-presidency of the european union.

Kamala Harris, the' flight to Guatemala, and was forced to land because of technical problems

On her first trip abroad, the question of its own set-up by the start of the problems, technical issues have forced her to the airport to return to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, usa, so she was able to turn the tables on the aircraft is on the internet.

Photo: on the Trail, at the Range, it is the last vaccination purposes

Harris will be in the area for the next 48 hours. After the meeting, Harris, and Giammattei will be expected to host a press event on the Harris products comply with The business owners, and community and civil society leaders. They are going to fly to Mexico City, Mexico on Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and participate in a round-table discussion with business and labor leaders.

White House officials have seen a decrease in their expectations, despite the fact that this is a complex problem and would be fixed in just a single trip. Mazin Alfaqih, a special adviser to Harris and the Northern Triangle region of central america, which is confirmed in a call with reporters that "the united states of america, and of the foreign assistance is just to do with the problem."

"There needs to be political will on the part of the government, but we are also looking forward to the cooperation with multilateral organizations, the private sector and other stakeholders, in order to really build up a global strategy," Alfaqih " he said.

The northern Triangle — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, has been a victim of domestic violence, and poverty, as a result of the US intervention in central america during the Cold War. More recently, the region has been hit hard by the impact of climate change, and natural disasters. A large part of the problem has been exacerbated due to the corona virus pandemic, and in particular that the vaccine will continue to be in short supply in the area.

The office said the administration has made a number of commitments to the North of the Triangle, including a of this assignment is to produce thousands of the corona virus, vaccine doses, is approximately $ 4 billion of aid to developing countries and $310 million for the coordination of humanitarian assistance, and to ensure that the responsibilities of more than a dozen companies and organizations for the purpose of investing in the region in order to boost the rate of economic growth.