Harris, Sanders, and O’Rouke Making Claims About Economy—Data Tells A Different Story

Three Democratic presidential hopefuls are misrepresenting gathered data and statistics in order to make the economy appear dismal.

source: Tracy Few

In what would seem to be an effort to scramble and put a negative spin on the current state of the economy, multiple 2020 hopefuls are resorting to false and even overblown suggestions.  One such opinion is that US workers are having to hold down as many as two to three jobs just to "survive" today.

Three of the leading Democrats for their party's 2020 nomination, Sen. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke have claimed in some form at one time or another, that the economy is so bad that workers are struggling.  When in actuality the current economy so far under President Trump has defied the odds and has seen a historically low unemployment rate.

Kamala quantified her exaggerated states with the statement that she has been traveling the country and people are working.  However, they are working two and three jobs to pay the bills.  This she feels is not working for working people.  I am no political expert, but if people are working, unemployment is down.  The fact they have to work more than one job is a whole other issue and has nothing to do with the state of unemployment.

The Washington Post decided to do a little fact checking regarding Harris' repeated talking points.  They found that Harris' comments are not backed up by the currently found data.  The actual data shows that those individuals that are now working more than one job is unusually small in amount and is in fact decreasing.  

In fact, only 251,000 working individuals, out of a current total of 156 million with jobs, were found actually to be working two full-time jobs during February.  When looking at last years figures, during the same month, this is a massive decline of 100,000 such individuals.

Harris is not the only one making inaccurate statements, as Bernie Sanders, who shows to be leading the polls so far, came under scrutiny just last week with his speech "Millions of Americans are forced to work two or three jobs just to survive."  While we will admit his claim presents as less inaccurate as Harris', he still does as Harris did and misrepresents the current data.  

What he fails to mention, and appears to omit on purpose, is that of those numbers that have more than one job, are shown to be working part-time rather than full-time positions.

When you add it all up, a mere 5 percent of the nation's workforce today holds more than one job, which is something that Sanders, nor Harris, neglected to include in their overblown statements.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Are the American people so gullible to buy into the false statements of the current 2020 candidates?