"Have a date with my daughter": the curious request of a mother with cancer on an expensive poster in Times Square.

source: www.memesita.com

"Have a date with my daughter": the curious request of a mother with cancer on an expensive poster in Times Square.

The strong bond of a 61-year-old woman with her 30-year-old daughter was marked on one of New York's most famous streets.

Beth Davis, a 61-year-old Boston woman who has been battling cancer for nearly two decades, made a huge splash this week on social media and in the American press for a striking gesture of love to her 30-year-old daughter Molly.

The young woman's mother paid a fortune to have a considerable billboard installed in Times Square, New York, for her daughter to get a good boyfriend.

"Go on a date with my daughter," reads the giant ad with a photo of Molly and an address from her profile on a dating app.

The mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. In June 2020, doctors informed her that her disease had metastasized to stage IV, spreading to other body parts. "I guess there was a little more urgency to see my daughter well established with a wonderful man," Beth said in an interview on NBC Boston.

"I would like to see my daughter well settled," he explained to the New York Post. "Considering that I have serious health problems, it is urgent," he continued.

"Molly has always spent a lot of time with us selflessly; she even took a leave of absence to fly to New Zealand last year (where I was) when I was diagnosed. And also, Molly, like many young people, has had her social life interrupted by these Covid years, so I wanted to help find a special person for her, "Beth said in a CNN report . And she said she admires Molly for her "glass half full" attitude. "He sees the good in people and tries to improve the lives of everyone he touches."

A few days ago, Beth and Molly traveled from Boston to New York to see the poster in person. "We got out of an Uber, we turned a corner, and there was Molly," said the mother. "I threw my head back, my glasses fell off, and I laughed. We both jumped with excitement. Most people get 15 minutes of fame. But we are getting a whole month".

Beth, who also has a "happily married" son, asked her daughter for permission to create a profile for her on Wingman. In this dating app, friends and family testify to users.

"I let my mom have fun filtering the profiles and responses," Molly told the New York Post, noting that at the time of the interview, she had not yet connected with any candidates. "I value a relationship like my parents, where they talk about things and seek high degrees of kindness. I want someone who loves me and someone who I love too. I want someone to contribute to my life. If this transmits it, it will all be worth it".