He released details of calls to 911 after a building collapsed in Miami.

source: today.in-24.com

He released details of calls to 911 after a building collapsed in Miami.

Miami-Dade County Police have released calls received at the emergency line on the night of June 24.

Miami-Dade County Police had released calls they received to the 911 emergency line on the night of June 24, when the south tower of the Champlain buildings in Surfside collapsed.

"It seems like there was an earthquake here. The garage, the entire basement, seems that everything exploded down there", is heard in one of the recordings. Another call says "a huge explosion."

It is believed that the collapse of the slab itself in the pool area could have generated a sound similar to that of an explosion. They are tons of concrete that fell at the same time.

According to Frank Rollason, director of emergency management at Amidad, his office received no reports, no intelligence, and no discussion of the type of explosion that caused the disaster. ۔

However, Allyn Kilsheimer, the structural engineer hired by the Surfside municipality to investigate the collapse, has told the local press that an explosion is on "his list of possibilities" about the causes of the building's collapse.

Anyway, even if an explosion was found, no one is investigating any type of attack, so it would be accidental and unprovoked.

The other possibility being considered is that there has been an explosion related to the gas connection. While there were proposals to connect natural gas to the building earlier in the year, there is no indication in the property's records that gas was connected there at the time.

Federal investigators have not confirmed if this is a lead they are following, although they did not rule out any hypotheses according to statements to the press.

Some believe that something must have caused this catastrophe. Landslides of this type are rarely seen, regardless of the structural damage to the property. Others consider that the bad foundations lead to the deterioration of the structure that ends in a collapse.

It is unclear what caused the collapse, and there will likely be no response for several months. At present, it has only been confirmed that 97 people have been killed in the tragedy, of whom 90 have been identified. Still, eight people remain potentially missing, although authorities confirmed last week as there is no hope of finding anyone alive.

This morning, the names of four new fatalities were released, including a teenage girl.

Michelle Ann Pazos, 23, 81-year-old Miriam Notkin, and 82-year-old Mihai Radulescu were identified today, and their bodies were found last Friday. Valeria Barth, 14, was found dead last Sunday.