Heartbreak on Better Call Saul's seat: Bob Odenkirk collapsed during the shooting and was hospitalized.

source: /www.washingtonpost.com

So far, his state of health is unknown. However, fans of the series Breaking Bad" launched all kinds of speculations with their theories about it, thanks to a tweet.

Beloved actor Bob Odenkirk was hospitalized Tuesday after a sudden faint while on the series "Better Call Saul."

According to early reports, Odenkirk. The 58-year-old was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, filming the show's sixth and final season when it suddenly collapsed. Faced with this unusual situation, the team immediately assisted him and transferred him to a hospital.

According to TMZ, production sources stressed that when the emergency services took Bob, it was unclear if he was conscious. It was also noted that he is still hospitalized, but it is not known what his state of health is.

Faced with this situation, users of social networks and followers of the series did not take long to react and express their concern for the charismatic artist.

"They report that Bob Odenkirk has been rushed to the hospital after breaking down recording the last season of Better Call Saul. I hope he is well and he recovers soon because I love him more than many of my family. If something happens to him, I am going to hurt myself a lot, "said a netizen.

Although media such as Vanity Fair or The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news, so far, there is no official information from the actor's team that highlights how he is physical.

However, something that caught users' attention was that Bob Odenkirk tweeted something during the afternoon, even though it had already been mentioned that he was hospitalized.

"According to TMZ, the ambulance was called at 11:34 in the morning, so that must have been at 2:34 pm ... This tweet was sent at 4:09 pm, so I hope that means that he's fine," @alittle_unwell wrote in response to the actor's post.

In this regard, the social network users did not stop expressing their concern and sent it for good wishes and speedy recovery.

Mr.  Odenkirk, I don't usually care much when actors get sick. I don't know them personally. They could possibly be garbage people! And their work doesn't usually affect me as yours has. I sincerely hope that you are well and that you get better very soon. Sending good vibes", expressed a follower.

Who is Bob Odenkirk

The actor went on to star in the popular series "Breaking Bad" (2008-2013) as a pretty weird lawyer, Saul Goodman. However, his total takeoff came when a derivative show titled "Better Call Saul" was produced.

This show premiered in 2015, and there will only be a sixth season, which is currently being shot. But, such was the success of that series that critics of The New York times placed it in their annual tally of best series in 2020.

Additionally, Odenkirk was born in Illinois, United States, but grew up in a nearby town called Naperville. Although his childhood was tough, he began his career - first as a comedian - as a screenwriter at the Southern Illinois University radio station Carbondale. After knocking on many doors, he met Rober Smigel, with whom he would collaborate and later open the doors for him to appear on Saturday Night Live. Hence his career was only on the rise until he became the actor that everyone now knows.