Heavy storms and hurricanes hit the South, killing at least six and leaving extensive destruction

Heavy storms and hurricanes hit parts of the South on Thursday evening and Friday morning, killing at least five people in Alabama , one in georgia and rest.

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In Alabama and Georgia in particular, there are hurricanes believed to have caused catastrophic floods on Friday: broken homes and businesses, and roads and yards littered with rubble.

One of the last hurricanes hit Georgia's western state of Newnan in early Friday, meteorologists said, tearing down roofs and tumbling trees and relief poles just after midnight.

Firefighters went from house to house in an estimated 40,000 people in southwestern Atlanta on Friday morning, and helped several people leave their homes after trees fell on buildings, CNN staff said.

The storms killed at least one person in the Newnan area of ​​Coweta County, said fire chief Deron Patrick Wilson.

Branches, metals, and other materials were still scattered in the streets and camps of Newnan.

"These things are unbelievable. I think I think this kind of thing if you look at the Midwest, Oklahoma. I think you'll see the same kind of damage here," Wilson said.

On Thursday evening, at least five people were killed and several others injured in Calhoun County, Alabama, after the storm passed, Sheriff Matthew Wade told CNN.

The city of Pelham, Alabama, has seen damage to about 60 homes, said Fire Chief Michael Reid.

"We are very happy that out of all the damage, no one was injured," said Pelham City manager Gretchen DiFante. "Thank you so much tonight."

In all, 23 hurricane reports were built - one in Mississippi; 17 in Alabama; and five in Georgia, say meteorologists. Teams from the meteorologists will inspect the areas to determine which ones have been hit by the storms.

About 38,000 homes and businesses were powerless in Alabama and Georgia on Friday morning, according to PowerOutage.us.


In the north, thousands of other customers were without electricity - including more than 135,000 homes and businesses in Ohio - after strong winds from the same system hit many states.

At least 5 dead in Alabama

In Calhoun County in Alabama east of Birmingham, five people were killed in severe flooding on Thursday evening, authorities said.

These include four adults - three from the same family, and a man elsewhere in a mobile home - in the town of Ohatchee, said Coronoun County Coroner Pat Brown. The storm is believed to have hit the city, leaving "extensive damage to buildings and homes," weather officials said.

The fifth person killed was a woman in Wellington, about 10 miles east of Ohatchee, a coroner said.

In the Alabama town of Pelham, Shelby County just south of Birmingham, Cesar Villaseñor, 22, was in a van with his employer when they were hit by bad weather.

They were trying to take refuge in his employer's house, Villaseñor said, when a storm or typhoon was reported in the area.

"We were about half a mile from his house and everything was clear. Suddenly, it started to rain and I started recording - it all started going to hell." In the Villaseñor shared video, debris is seen flying through the air, broken trees lying on the ground and houses damaged.

The firefighter is working with residents of Khozi Point to remove fallen trees that block roads.

"I was like this, maybe this is it. Maybe I'm dead," he said. "One time, the van was shaking so badly that I thought it was like investigating. I was just shaking. I couldn't control my hands."

Alex McNair, owner of Corefit Strong in Pelham, told CNN that his gym was destroyed by the storm.

"Roofs were removed, bricks were thrown from the windows of our garage doors, debris was thrown inside the gym, our HVAC unit was flooded on our roof, glass was thrown all over the gym, our floor was damaged, and some roofs and buildings were damaged in other parts of the building," McNair wrote.

No one was injured, he said.

The home has been laid

Elsewhere in Shelby County, near Columbiana, at least one home and other buildings were swept away from their foundations on Thursday - hit by what was believed to be a storm - and plundered several feet from where they were, with CNN visiting the reported scenes.

Two people were taken to hospital with injuries, officials said.

Residents searched the ruins with torches in the dark all night, hoping to rescue some of their belongings. Broken furniture and a red tractor are piled up.

The area is fenced off with a fence at the rescue center which has left many animals roaming around. The center cared for more than 50 horses and many goats and sheep. People were trying to fix the animals overnight.

Correction: An earlier story in this story incorrectly portrayed the number of provinces where hurricanes were reported Thursday through Friday. It was three.