Helmut Marko rejects Checo Perez as Red Bull driver for the future.

source: uaenews.ekumkum.com

The advisor of the Austrian team does not see in Sergio a relationship of many years due to his age.

The first half of the season passed for Checo Pérez at Red Bull Racing, the first team of his career with a chance to fight for victory every weekend. He has had a positive performance on the balance sheet with two podiums and is in dispute for third place in the drivers' championship.

The team has applauded his level. He has also earned the praise of two crucial decision-makers within Red Bull: Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, team boss and advisor, who often refer to Pérez as an extraordinary teammate. For Max Verstappen.

Despite good references left in his first seven months with the Formula 1 Bells, Helmut Marko himself has taken charge of dispelling hopes among Mexican fans, especially those who are hopeful in a long future for Checo Within a competitive team, because according to his personality, he was sincere about the possibilities that the man from Guadalajara will remain with Red Bull for several years.

On this occasion, Marko was questioned about the possibilities of Pierre Gasly returning to the Red Bull first team, mainly because of the excellent season he has been with at AlphaTauri and now with more experience gained after his wasted opportunity in 2018.

In the next two years, we will decide whether to release him or take him to Red Bull (Pierre Gasly) because Perez is 31 years old, and I don't think he has been in Red Bull racing for long, he told Newstalk ZB in an interview.

This statement called into question his continuity within the team in the long term, since Checo only signed a one-year contract with the Austrian team, which expires in December, so in the coming weeks, they will negotiate a possible extension given the 2022 season; however, there is a possibility that Red Bull will continue without Sergio or that the bond will be for a season again.

Previously, the winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1971 had ensured that hiring Checo this year had been the correct decision, as he brought the necessary experience to shield Max Verstappen as much as possible and score a large number of points.

"We brought in Pérez to have a second strong man. This is very important for strategy. His running speed was very satisfying from the start. Qualifying sessions were where there was a problem, but that has also improved. 

After the Austrian Grand Prix, he blends in very well with Versatile and all the technology, "said Helmut Marko of AVD Motor & Sport Magazine.

Currently, the number one candidate to replace Checo Pérez at Red Bull is Frenchman Pierre Gasly. He is in his second consecutive year with AlphaTauri and has reached the podium in the first half of the 2021 season.

The Frenchman has two more years of the contract, so when Helmut Marko was questioned about whether there is the possibility of raising him to the first team, the answer was direct and pointed out that it is not very viable shortly.

Pierre is at number one, but being number one on the B team is not the same as being number two for Max Verstappen.

Mentally there is a lot of difference. His contract is for two more years, so I don't know where the Alfa Romeo stories are. We are putting an effort in AlphaTauri, and we want a strong leader", he declared.