Henry Cavill cleared up rumors about his love life and asked for hateful comments to cease.

source: nydailynews.com

The actor said that the passion of his followers is now affected by his private life and his loved ones.

Speculation about Henry Cavill's new romance began more than a month ago. Today he went out to clarify the rumors and ask that the nasty comments stop. At no time did he seek that a person was affected by his followers.

In early April, the current Superman interpreter was seen on the streets of London with a blonde woman, but what was most surprising was that the two were walking hand in hand. Several local media managed to capture them at that time. The images were disseminated through the networks in record time.

After a few days, Cavill shared a photo with Natalie Viscuso on Instagram and wrote, "This is me, looking calmly confident shortly before my beautiful and bright love Natalie destroys me at chess," prompting even more rumors to surface when It was made public that she has held high positions in various film companies.

Most Internet users responded quite surprised because it is rare that the actor from The Witcher shows himself in public with a couple. His personal life has kept it reserved for himself; others began to fill Cavill and Natalie's social networks with comments expressing their annoyance.

Some comments criticized them, saying that their relationship was a more professional than loving union. Both would be looking for financial benefits. At the same time, the actor was blamed for seeking more excellent career opportunities. She was accused of wanting to gain Cavill fame.

"There has been a lot, let's call it, for now, speculation about my private life and professional associations "is one of the first lines of the actor's long message today.

The Enola Holmes actor let it be known that he is tired of this situation and asked for the comments to cease. "It's time to stop, for those of you who are expressing your hatred and dislike in amazing ways," he wrote.

Henry said he is very grateful to his fans and followers, but the "passion" and support that they have given him throughout his career, now they have been blinded by something that has nothing to do with his artistic side and have begun to comment hurtful, affecting the people you love the most. "Your' passion' is misplaced and causes harm to the people who matter most to me ."

He clarified that the assumptions that have emerged throughout this month are false and, although these stories are fun to create, it is time for them to stop.

Finally, he ended his message by writing, "I am thrilled in love and life. I would be enormously grateful if you were pleased with me. If you can't be satisfied with me, at least try to be proud and be the best version of yourself. "

Along with this message that he shared through Instagram and Facebook, there is a photo with his current partner, which already exceeds one million "likes" two hours after it was published.

While he preferred not to allow people to comment on his Instagram post on Facebook, he has already reached 17 thousand comments. The majority support their relationship and apologize for the people who have harassed them as a couple.

"They look amazing together," "I'm jealous, I wish I were the one there, but I'm happy for both of them," "No one has to get to this point," "Even if you are in the public eye, your life must be yours, "Do not let anyone ruin your happiness, "are some of the comments that can be read in support of Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso.