Hillary Clinton Is Still Thinking About Running For President: Should The Former First Lady Move On?

Hillary Clinton is still thinking about running for president in 2020,but some Democrats do not think this is a good idea. Should Clinton listen to her critics?

source: 247Sports

November 2020 is still far away, but speculation around potential candidates is keeping political junkies up at night.

Even though many saw Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump as a crushing milestone in her political career, it does not look like her ambition has been diminished in any noticeable way.

According to rumors, Clinton could be convinced to jump on board with the idea of giving it another shot, and she may already be preparing her 2020 presidential campaign.

Clinton is apparently even more motivated this time around, partly fueled by recent developments on the US political scene.

Reports claim that she sees the situation as unfinished business that requires her involvement, and it is possible that she might be working even harder behind the scenes to make this all a reality.

It is worth noting that there has been no official confirmation about Clinton’s plans for 2020 yet, and officials close to her have reportedly stated that it is possible that there is no campaign in development at all.

Some were reportedly downright surprised by the suggestion that Clinton might go for another run, but opinions seem split on this matter.

Clinton’s run in 2016 was a tight one, and many experts believe that she could have had a real shot at the Oval Office if she had played her cards better.

The numbers seem to speak in support of this notion, so it would certainly be interesting to see Mrs. Clinton giving it another go next year.

This time, she would likely also have a much better idea of what points she would specifically need to cover in order to maximize her chances, addressing various weak points in her last campaign.

Is there a real appetite for another Clinton run on Democratic side? Activists are mixed.

For example, Clinton’s former campaign manager, John Podesta, addressed those rumors by saying: "I think this is media catnip. I take her at her word. She’s not running for president."

He added:  "I love her. I wish she was president … she would’ve been a great president, but she says she’s not running for president."

Some say Podesta's comments were a way to dismiss the idea.