Horror in Arizona: a mother heard voices telling her to kill her children, and the police found them dead

source: 7news.com.au

Officers had come to the home only hours earlier because of a domestic dispute, and the children were safe. Later, the murderer stopped an agent and confessed the heinous crime.

Authorities found the bodies of two kids in an apartment on the outskirts of Phoenix on Saturday when a woman stopped a police officer and revealed that she heard a voice telling her to kill her children, police said.

Officers went to her apartment and found a nine-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy dead with "obvious signs of trauma," said Sgt. Steven Carbajal, a spokesman for the Tempe, Arizona police.

The mother, who stopped a Tempe police officer at about 7 a.m. near a police station, was taken into custody, and detectives were questioning her, Carbajal said in a statement. At the moment, the identities have not been released.

Police revealed that they had received a phone call hours ago condemning a married couple's domestic dispute in an apartment. According to Carbajal, the couple was separated, and no arrests were made. The children were safe in bed at the time, and at the time, there was no clear reason to call the agency's staff for juvenile care.

The spokesman said there was no immediate threat to the children. Parents, couples argue and disagree, and there are issues that usually do not require this kind of intervention.

The police officers who discovered the children's bodies were not the same ones who came to the apartment just after midnight to attend to the complaint of a domestic dispute. The children's father was not in the apartment when officers returned and found the children dead.

Carbajal confirmed that the woman being questioned is the minors' mother and that her husband is the father of the children. He continued that the police were performing everything to help the father.

Carbajal called the incident a tragedy. Unfortunately, nine- and seven-year-olds who depend on their parents, especially their mother, to take care of them," Carbajal said in an interview.

Officers who found the children dead are receiving therapy.

There are children of many officers who respond to this officer. Even if they don't, we see a lot of tragedy in our careers. "But you can't make anything like that," Carbajal said.