How did Sergio Aguero react when he found out about Messi's departure from Barcelona


How did Sergio Aguero react when he found out about Messi's departure from Barcelona and what he decided about his future?

Kun signed with the Blaugrana institution with the dream of playing at club level with his friend. Trip to the privacy of the forward, who promises to fight in Catalonia.

Kun Agüero is unlikely to lose his good humor. For years he resisted criticism in the Selection without raising his voice. He usually laughs. Like the boy who made his debut at the age of 15 in Independiente. As if he was a baby forever. One who can be a crack with a statue and at the same time spend hours as a streamer. But news changed his face. The departure of Leo Messi from Barcelona was a kick where it hurts the most. The last photo is with a smile; on Saturday night, he went to his friend's house in Castelldefels to say goodbye to the small table. "I love you, pa," closed the post under the hug with Messi. His style was good, like when in the middle of America's Cup celebration, he threw his well-known "evil doggy" on Instagram. Before, however, his face had changed. He returned to Spain to indulge himself in playing with Leo, the star he has shared a room with for more than ten years in the National Team. Therefore, after learning about the media bomb first-hand, he was seen as severe a few times in the first practices after the explosion. And that same face was seen by his intimates. There, rumors arose that he was analyzing the clauses of his contract to see if he could cancel it. It was repeated - strangely - that he had signed to play with Messi. The Kun will not break.

"I can not believe what happened. Years ago, I wanted to share a club with Leo. But now I'm going to put him in, "Agüero confessed to close people who were concerned about the wave of versions. 

It's just that once the camera stopped following Messi's every move, the focus was on him.

Even with some pain. He's in Barcelona, ​​of course, but he's lame. He had already been an armed wing of Guardiola last year when the idea was for the pair to play for Manchester City. Kun is adored there, a total hero after the historic goal in the 93rd minute to be champion. 

He asked his friend for help, but could not leave Leo Barsa even though he wanted to for legal reasons.

It was not enough with the presence of Pep, a great stadium and a sports city like few in the world. So the tactic was the other way around: in recent times, Aguero received more praise from Guardiola in public than minutes on the court. So, when the opportunity arose, he moved on, even when the Juventus in Italy offered him a better deal. Laporta knew -as Captain Messi- himself thought- that a top center-forward and a central marker were missing, the position for which Cuti Romero emerged during the Copa América. Thus came Kun with a two-year contract. He says that he will stay to meet.

Without looking for it, he whitewashed some fans at the gates of the sporting city when he refused to buy a Ferrari. It was good; That's why I took the picture, he advised about the red plane while he took some selfies with the fans. The crazy thing is that he caught Messi's eye. He is a crack, in no way deserves to be suspected of playing because he is Leo's friend.

Only the push did. Even though the two denied that one decision was tied to the other. From Messi's environment, they were in charge of remarking that when Kun signed, it did not mean that he was already ok on the 10th. Those were days when the audit was expected to accommodate the contract numbers of the best player in the world. Times - before the Copa América - in which Messi planned to take a vacation after the competition and return home.

Messi and Agüero shared a room in Ezeiza for more than a month without ever suspecting this unhappy ending. After being champions, happy, Agüero relaxed in Mykonos, the Greek island paradise, and Ibiza. And he returned to Barcelona. There he settled smoothly. 

He even let himself fall in surprise at the house of the famous father, with whom he had gone to say goodbye to Messi. That day, the fear was for Spain to break everything on the network.

Messi could not stay in Barcelona, and on Friday, rumors began to travel at full speed.

Spanish sports newspapers also wondered about the future of Kun. They were alarmed. So much so that the absence of Agüero against Juventus on Sunday made a lot of noise in the preview for the Joan Gamper trophy. That supported the theory of his departure from the club. 

Until the club reported the cause of the injury, it was officially announced who had a tendon injury in their calf during morning practice. Further tests were being performed to determine the severity. It is speculated that he may be unemployed for two or three weeks.

The sports world, a local sports newspaper, published that Agüero was walking on crutches and could not support his foot. And that is why he was not with the rest of his teammates at Messi's farewell conference. It was on the recommendation of the doctors. Because although Agüero had already been in the house of 10, Busquets, Piqué, and Jordi Alba went to the private and public farewell. Kun Agüero, rare in him, lost his good humor for a long time. But he did not get off. He is going to fight from the inside against this terrible news of running out of Messi.