How is the mansion in Los Angeles that Osama bin Laden's half-brother put up for sale for $ 28 million?


How is the mansion in Los Angeles that Osama bin Laden's half-brother put up for sale for $ 28 million?

The luxurious residence in Bel Air is over 2,164 square meters and consists of seven bedrooms. It was abandoned after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Osama Bin Laden's half-brother, Ibrahim Bin Laden, put his old mansion in Bel Air (Los Angeles, California) up for sale for $ 28 million.

The luxurious mansion was built in 1931, measures 2,164 square feet, consists of seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and is located at 634 Stone Canyon Rd, a property that spans more than two acres of land.

According to the Daily Mail, the mansion has been abandoned for 20 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks in which Al-Qaeda, or an organization led by Osama Bin Laden, crashed two commercial planes into the Twin Towers in the heart of New York's business center. York.

Ibrahim, Osama's half-brother, originally bought the Mediterranean villa-style mansion in 1983 for just 1,653,000. Today, that price would be about percent 5.5 million, 38 percent inflation. But other than that, the value of land and property in the area is very high.

Made with concrete walls and painted a bubblegum pink hue, the property is located a few blocks from the famous and luxurious Hotel Bel-Air.

Next-door neighbors include two of the largest and grandest homes in Los Angeles County: a 10,972-square-meter Tudor-style mansion owned by Israeli businessman Beny Alagem and a French-inspired 13,106-square-meter mansion owned by the home magnate. Jeffrey Kaplan mobiles.

Ibrahim was on vacation abroad at the time of the 9/11 attacks and never returned to the United States due to the negative notoriety associated with his name.

Because no one has resided in the home since then, the property appears to have been forgotten over time.

What was once lush vegetation is now overtaken by tall grasses, while the stone fountains remain empty and in ruins.

However, several palm trees adorn the exterior of the residence, while a surprisingly well-manicured pool and spa appear to the rear. According to the notice, the property's price is based on "just the value of the land."

The house has a lineage from prominent previous owners, including Arthur Freed, a famous Hollywood Golden Age producer known for classic motion pictures such as Singing in the Rain or The Wizard of Oz.

In the 1970s, the mansion was renovated by the so-called King of the Hollywood Regency, the architect John Elgin Woolf.

Ibrahim allegedly lived in the property with his ex-wife, Christine Hartunian Sinay, a Los Angeles-based socialite with whom he shares a daughter, Sibba Hartunian.

While living on the farm, Ibrahim used 'full-time gardeners, domestic help, drivers and private security,' as the best-selling book by Steve Coll, The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century (The Bin Ladens: A Family Arab in the American Century).

He and Sinay eventually divorced, and Sinay married and divorced Jason Cena, son of Linda Resnick, a Los Angeles musician and founder of Fiji Water.

Ibrahim rented the property, and rumors spread that it was being used to make pornographic films.

Ibrahim, like his brother, is one of 56 children of Saudi architect Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, who also had 22 wives.