How To Choose The Best Gifts And Flower Delivery Service In Mauritius

Know The 10 Tips To Choose The Best Gifts And Flower Delivery Service In Mauritius


Whether it's a bouquet of roses from your loved one, a “thank you” bouquet from a colleague or partner, or even fresh flowers from your own garden we decided to help you keep these flowers fresh and beautiful for much longer. In order to give the best possible advise we have spoken to experienced florists of Mauritius-based DodoMarket Gifts & Flower Delivery. And here are the helpful tips they have shared with us:

1. Buy only fresh flowers

If you buy roses yourself, always check how fresh they are. This can be done by squeezing the flower where the stem ends and the bud begins. If this part of the flower is soft, then the rose is old, you should not buy it. If it is solid, then the flower is fresh. We only use the freshest flowers in our floral creations and flower bouquets.

2. Don't leave flowers without water

Water keeps flowers alive. The longer the flowers are left without water, the less they will stand. Therefore, if you buy flowers yourself and want to keep them longer, listen to these three recommendations: Ask to pack the bouquet in an individual container of water. Take a container of water with you so that you can immediately place flowers in it after purchase. Wrap the base of the stems in damp paper towels.

3. Remove all wilted petals and leaves

To keep the water in the vase cleaner and fresher longer, remove any rotten leaves and petals. Especially carefully clean the part of the stem that will sink into the water. Leaves in the water promote the formation of bacteria that are harmful to flowers. Moreover, when the leaves get into the water, it becomes cloudy and takes on a putrid smell.

4. Cut back the stems often

Before placing the flowers in the vase, pay attention to the base of the stems. You may notice that some of them are dry. It is necessary to cut off such places. Cut the flower about 3–5 cm. Do this under running water or immerse the stems in a container of water. This is necessary so that air bubbles do not clog the vessels of plant tissue and do not interfere with the absorption of water by the flower. The flower should be trimmed at a 45-degree angle to increase the suction surface of the flower. It is a good idea to trim the stem a little (about 1 cm) daily or every other day. This will enable the flowers to receive a steady supply of nutrients and water.

5. Use a sharp knife to cut flowers

Scissors tend to pinch the stem too tightly, causing tissue damage. Therefore, for these purposes it is better to use a sharpened knife. And in the case of thick stems, garden shears come in handy.

6. Place flowers only in a clean vase

It is very important to always place flowers only in a clean vase, washed with hot soapy water. This will remove all microorganisms that are harmful to flowers.

7. Change the water more often

Some flowers grow even after they have been cut. For example, anemones continue to grow and consume huge amounts of water every day. Look at the hydrangeas in the picture above, and you will notice that they have absorbed three quarters of the water in the vase in a day. We are used to pouring tap water into a vase. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to extend the life of the flowers, then pour salt-free water into the vase. It can be obtained by running water from the tap through a filter, which today is almost in every home.

8. Feed the flowers

Once the flowers are cut, they no longer receive nutrients from the soil. And this becomes our concern if we want to extend their life. In any flower shop, you can purchase a special powder for preserving freshly cut flowers. You can add a little baking soda to the nutritional powder (¾ teaspoon per litre of water). This will help keep the water clean and clear and will slow down the formation of bacteria and microorganisms harmful to flowers. Just do not overdo it with baking soda, otherwise you will ruin the flowers that you want to keep.

9. Spray flowers

Almost all flowers love moisture, so they will only benefit if they are sprayed about 1-2 times a day

10. Store flowers in cool places

If you want to keep your birthday flowers fresh before presenting them - remember that the flowers last longer in cool places. Move the flower bouquet to the cool place for the night and always keep flowers away from direct sunlight. Temperature also matters when the flowers are cut. If you are doing this yourself, do it in the morning when the air is cooler.