How to download royalty free music for YouTube videos


Royalty-free music can be described as the music of any licensed genre for unlimited usage upon purchase.

Royalty-free music for YouTube describes a music license that allows the buyer to pay for the music once to use the theme. The music distributors often collect the license payments from the buyers, and the proceeds are shared with the composers or rights owners.

Any YouTube content creator needs to understand the legal licensing before downloading background music for their videos. The three primary licensing and copyright laws include royalty-free, public domain, and creative commons.

Free royalty music can also be further categorised as either paid or free type. The ‘free’ type depends on if the license type is free or domain. The ‘paid’ is a one-time payment with unlimited usage even in a non-musical production.

Therefore, a YouTube video creator will consider the type of royalty-free music to use as background music in the videos. For example, a video with paid free royalty music as background can be used for commercial use. On the other hand, if a YouTube video has background music from a public domain, it cannot be broadcast for monetary gains since it is against the stipulated guidelines.

Video can be described as the most common visual communication strategy. However, incorporating the right music or effects into a video background makes it stand out from an ordinary video.

Any YouTube video content creator must understand the target audience and mood of the video to incorporate the right music in symphony with the video content and flow.

Background music in a video not only takes the video to the next level, but also makes the content interesting and dynamic, sets the tone, and inspires emotion.

Youtube is synonymous with internet video and has over a billion users with approximately over a billion hours of viewership daily. With such stakes for a YouTube content creator to become successful and acquire the money, they should master the quality of their video production.

Searching for the right music to add as background music to any video is time-consuming. It requires perfection since a mistake in genre, quality, or type of music may lower the standards of video or attract negative reviews.

To obtain music for youtube videos, a content creator needs to visit premium royalty-free music sites. There are several internet sites where royalty-free music can be downloaded. Sources of royalty-free music include the following:

●      YouTube

YouTube can offer an excellent source for a content creator intending to create YouTube videos. YouTube's free music library is a great place to obtain music and audio files for background music. In the create section of YouTube, one can find the audio library and download music by track length, genre, instrumentation, or mood. Licensing is either public domains or creative commons

●      Free stock music

Free stock music offers free royalty music with either public domain or free license type. It also has several audio files in different formats.

●      Enovomusic

Enovomusic is favourable to content creators, Vloggers, and freelancers. It also serves small businesses to large corporations such as TV and radio broadcasting. for the unlimited content, it hosts

●      Foximusic

Foximusic is the most important for YouTube creators and has the best free background music.

●      Mixkit

Mixkit contains music suitable for YouTube videos, online advertising, background music, and podcasts.

●      Taketones

It is a recent website with a current search and filter system to sieve through the music library and is preferred for commercial content creators.

●      Epidemic sound

It also offers the best site to obtain copyright-free music.

●      Incompetech

This site requires an attribution table. It has a search and filter function and also regularly updates the music library. Music is free with attribution and starts at twenty dollars apiece without attribution.

●      Josh Woodward

The music is in mp3 format. The name describes a musician produced by Josh and is available for free by just giving credit to him; the filters and theme, genre, length, mood, and tempo.

●      TeknoAxe

Its music library has over a thousand files, and music is in mp3 format.

●      Amazon music

It has tens of thousands of pieces of music. There are several accessible kinds of music while the majority are lowly priced, making them affordable. The tracks are free royalty, while the premium track's price is less than a dollar.

●      CCmixter

It offers quality free background music for videos. However, the search function is not very advanced. It has an extensive collection of free royalty music under creative commons.

●      Machinima sound

The music format is in mp3 and has a wide variety of tracks and music genres.

●      Audio network

It has a realistic music collection composed from real artists rather than computer-generated music. It has over a million music files and offers the best and easiest licensing procedures.

●      Pond5

It hosts various music, videos, photos, and special effects. Music licenses are simple, and the library has almost a million tracks.

●      Synkio

Unlike other sites, Synkio allows one to inquire about songs through a survey. The team responds to the buyer with a selection of tracks based on the buyer's specifications and the approximate budget.

●      Premium beat

It comprises music and various audio tracks. It has multiple genres and moods. It is convenient to download music for any video type.

●      Audio jungle

It has an excellent library of music and sound effects from various musicians and audio engineers. The theme is updated regularly and can offer varying tracks within the same genre. Its pricing starts as low as one dollar.

●      Freeplay music

It is one of the most sophisticated sites that offer free music for YouTube, but purchase options for other purposes such as advertisement and gaming are available.

●      Bensound

It comprises songs composed by Benjamin Tissot.

●      Beatpick

It has a functionality of beat list to add tracks and a license song function to view the cost of music.

●      Sound cloud

It is licensed under creative commons, and music is free as long as artist guidelines are adhered to.