How to enjoy sport in various eras and how to enjoy exercise and sports

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"Health" is one of the resources to make your dreams come true.

To lead a healthy and cultural life, it is necessary to develop physical strength according to the stage of life.

As a proposal for the development of physical fitness, we will present "characteristics of sports activities", "how to enjoy exercise and sports" and "contents of the construction of physical fitness" at each stage of life.

[Reference] Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (currently Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Report of the Council of Health and Physical Education

Recreational and sports activities for early childhood and school age

Early childhood is the foundation of personality formation and is a period of important physical and mental development.

During this period, it is important to lay the foundation to maintain, improve and develop a healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

During school age, it is important to acquire basic physical strength and athletic ability through exercise and sports, focusing on various activities at school, community, and home.

How to enjoy exercise and sports

For fun and sports enjoyment, try designing game-rich content with simple rules. In addition, devise and collaborate with parents, children and friends in rhythmic and systematic movements to improve their coordination.

How to enjoy points

Interact with parents and friends in an outdoor play area, a family park, and rich natural surroundings. (Childish)

Enjoy full-body exercises like running, jumping, and throwing. (Childish)

Take the opportunity to learn about sports that you will continue to work on for the rest of your life. (School age)

Build a balanced, basic fitness level to improve your health and promote growth and development. (School age)

Experience a variety of sports. (School age)

Sports activities for childhood and adolescence

From childhood, it is a time when you can play various sports, develop sports habits, and get used to sports for the rest of your life.

It is also a time when the mind and body change from a child to an adult and, as the mind and body mature, it becomes a major turning point from the perspective of human formation.

Adolescence is a period of significant progress in physical function, such as strength, endurance, and momentary peaks in power and sports activity.

It is also time to lead a competitive sports life, as you can improve your fitness, acquire advanced skills, reach higher levels and push all limits.

Also, during periods of increased physical function, life changes, such as graduation and employment, can reduce opportunities for continued sports activities and create new sports habits that suit them. Environmental changes. There is a need

How to enjoy exercise and sports

We actively and voluntarily participate in local sports clubs, sports club activities, and school club activities so that we can continue to play sports that suit our interests and interests throughout our lives.

How to enjoy points

• Experience a variety of sports of interest. (childhood)

• Better understand the meaning and characteristics of sport and get into the habit of practicing it. (childhood)

• Play exercise and sports in a variety of situations in your daily life to improve your fitness and health. (Children / Adolescents)

• Participate in competitive sports through club activities. (puberty)

• Actively participate in sports activities at work and in the community. (puberty)

• Aim to improve competitiveness and skill level. (puberty)

• Experience the fun of “watching sports,” such as watching high-level sports competitions, and improving general sports education. (puberty)

• Experience the joy of “sports support” as if you were working as a staff member at a sports competition. (puberty)

Sports Life Points

Exercises and sports that adapt to your daily rhythm!

Mid-year sports activities

As a member of society, this period has many time constraints and is generally a time away from exercise and sports activities.

Physical strength and athletic ability began to gradually decline, and it was time to enter a new stage of life as a member of society and a family member.

I am also a woman altogether.