Hundreds More Migrants Preparing To Descend On US-Mexico Border—When Will It End?

source: Vox

Reports came out of Guatemala on Tuesday that yet another caravan containing hundreds more migrants are heading for the US-Mexico border.  Trump took advantage of the news to once again emphasize the urgent necessity of a wall on the border between the two countries. 

A reported three hundred sixty Hondurans presented legal documents in order to pass through the Agua Caliente border that separates the two Central American nations.  The group that passed reportedly were comprised of entire families, young men, and small children being carried by their parents. 

And additional three hundred fifty were reported to have passed into Guatemalan territory but were being detained until migration officials could ascertain the legality of their documents.  This information came from pro-migration activists that are currently traveling with the group.

Reports state that some of the migrants ran towards the countries point of entry, in order to pass through the checkpoint only to be met with a large contingent of police officers.  Police also stated that an estimated one hundred fifty of the migrants were turned away due to lacking proper documentation.

Alejandra Mena, a spokesman for the Guatemalan Immigration Authority stated:  “Those who lack documents will be turned back.”

A reported second group of three hundred Hondurans, walking along the highway, are anticipated to reach the same border crossing sometime on Tuesday, with another estimated fifty are gathered at a plaza in the capital of El Salvador who also intend to soon join up with the caravan.

In a statement issued Tuesday by the Honduran Deputy of Foreign Ministry, it was estimated that between eight hundred and one thousand migrants were in the caravan that crossed the Agua Caliente crossing.  Such caravans have been descending on the border between the United States and Mexico, and has nothing but heighten concerns and fan the flames between those who are for and against the whole idea of a border wall.

In an attempt to strengthen and bolster his position on needing the wall, Trump tweeted on Tuesday:  “A big new caravan is heading up to our southern border from Honduras.  Only a wall, or steel barrier, will keep our country safe!  Stop playing political games and end the shutdown!”

Whether the news of yet another caravan heading to the border will break the standoff and result in the shutdown being ended, who is to say.  As for the caravan, we will have to handle that when it gets here—which will be sooner rather than later.

Will a border wall be the answer to all of the United States immigrant problems?