Hundreds оf Аmаzоn расkаges аrrive аt wоmаn's dооrsteр, but she never оrdered them

The packing containers brought to jillian cannan's home through the truckload contained silicone support frames for face mask.


Jillian cannan orders packages for her small commercial enterprise all of the time, but on june five, she began receiving amazon applications at her doorstep that she failed to order. Lots of applications. A few on pallets dropped off with the aid of large delivery vans.

Over 100 packages later, cannan, of buffalo, ny, become inundated with thousands of gadgets she did not order or want. She first of all thought the containers had been materials her enterprise associate ordered, however after establishing a number of them, she observed they contained lots of silicone guide frames to use inside face masks in both adult and kid's sizes.

"once I first started receiving the packages, i known as amazon to try to supply them again, however they explained to me that they have been officially mine to keep considering they were delivered to my home," cannan said.

Days went through, and the parcels wouldn't prevent coming. A few got here from amazon warehouse vans, and others from u.S.And the u.S. Postal service. Every bundle become addressed to cannan's domestic, however no sender or go back address was marked at the label. At one factor, cannan become talking with amazon representatives day by day to attempt to determine what was going on, searching tracking numbers and scanning bar codes to locate the man or woman responsible.

Picture: amazon bins delivered to jillian cannan's home in buffalo, n.Y., on june sixteen, 2021.

Amazon containers jillian cannan says were introduced to her domestic in buffalo, n.Y., on june sixteen, 2021.Courtesy jillian cannan

"before everything i was convinced that it changed into a scam, or perhaps someone seeking to clean out their warehouse," cannan stated. "however because all the objects were the same, i don't think it truly is the case here."

Interim, packages persisted to reach. Some confirmed up on palettes in massive transport vans, and others piled up so excessive that a neighbor remarked she could not visible cannan's the front door.

Cannan published about the state of affairs on her facebook web page, earning the attention of her community and the local media. In the end, amazon agreed to strengthen the case, and cannan ultimately acquired a call that it had effectively tracked down the original order and removed her cope with from it, assuring her she could now not acquire anymore programs besides for the ones already in transit.

Caught with loads of packages containing lots of face masks brackets, cannan consulted her four youngsters on how they could use the items to make something useful. Stimulated via her commercial enterprise, which focuses on diy-fashion tasks, the cannan family and her business companion came up with a amusing concept that could ensure their newly inherited stock would now not visit waste.

"we had been similar to 'how are we able to get something superb out of this whole hilarious tale?'" cannan stated. "so, my commercial enterprise accomplice and that i reached out to the kid's hospitals and we determined we need to do a beautify-your-very own-face mask and consist of the bracket within the little package with a blank face mask and some crayons and stickers that youngsters can paintings on even as they are in the clinic."

Cannan requested amazon to donate the ultimate components needed for the kit. In light of all that came about, she stated, it turned into the least they may do.

Amazon initially denied the request, but cannan stated she remains negotiating with representatives and watching for a very last reaction. Amazon could not be reached for comment.

"i am looking to put a nice spin on it," she said. "i've four little children, and i'm trying to expose them the way to make lemonade out of lemons, and simply type of run with it."