Husband Of NYPD Officer Valerie Cincinelli, Isaiah Carvalho, Speaks Out -- She Allegedly Hired A Hitman To Kill Him

The case of NYPD cop Valerie Cincinelli who was held without bail in an alleged murder-for-hire plot has rocked an entire community that is looking for answers.

source: YouTube

After being implicated in an attempt to have her estranged husband, Isaiah Carvalho, and the daughter of her boyfriend killed by a hitman, NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli is now being held without bail.

According to the court, the woman poses a significant danger to the community and has to be held until the legal proceedings around her can conclude.

The case is still developing, but according to reports, the woman had tried to hire a hitman to carry out the murder of her estranged husband, as well as the daughter of her boyfriend.

Authorities staged a visit from a police officer informing her of the death of her husband, at which point a raid was triggered.

The search lasted for over an hour, according to accounts, and involved multiple FBI agents who managed to recover significant evidence from the site.

 The assault was well organized and featured the use of various breaching tools. Authorities were reportedly treating the case with extra caution due to the occupation of the woman, treating her as a potential risk with her experience.

It is not clear exactly what went down behind the scenes, but if the court has deemed it necessary to lock Cincinelli down without a warrant, there must be a good reason to believe that her involvement in the incident must have been serious.

Reports about the situation are still coming out, albeit at a slow pace, as authorities have been somewhat tight-lipped about the whole thing, which is understandable, given its sensitive nature and the general context.

Carvalho told

He added: "It was the craziest thing I've ever had to experience. They had me sit in my car. They put glass on the floor and all over me, and had me hunch over into the passenger seat."

Do you think Cincinelli can mount a strong defense, yes or no?