"I do not raise my voice because they are all sleeping": the audio with which Messi surprised Coscu live

source: marketresearchtelecast.com

"I do not raise my voice because they are all sleeping": the audio with which Messi surprised Coscu live and caused a furor in the networks.

The Rosario crack followed the Twitch transmission from the hotel and the streamer overflowed with joy.

He follows in the footsteps of his friend and fellow Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos. On Wednesday night, Coscu got the surprise of his life, since in the middle of the Twitch transmission, he realized that one of his many followers was nothing more and nothing less than Lionel Messi. This generated his emotion live, although there was an impossible bonus: audio of La Pulga. The combo caused it to be a trend in the networks.

While living his first days in Paris as a new PSG player, Leo Messi and his family temporarily stayed in a luxurious hotel. In a moment of relaxation, before going to sleep, the Rosario caught on in the broadcast and surprised the Argentine streamer. Due to the time difference concerning Argentina, the contact was given at dawn.

As usual, Coscu started one of his transmissions that this time lasted more than hours. In a moment, he realized that Leo was on the other side. When he realized it, he overflowed with joy and began to tell his audience. "No, he's watching Messi; I can't believe it! No, no, I can't believe it", he began with his story as he turned with his chair.

"Thanks, Leo, for watching. I'm going to play dumb, as that is something normal, "he added and then shouted in anticipation:" I have audio! "The Argentine star told him, "I don't raise my voice because everyone is already sleeping. I'm here at the hotel and tomorrow I'll start training now. Before I went to sleep, I saw what you were doing, and I watched you for a little while. A big greeting to everyone there".

Meanwhile, Coscu took his face and repeated, "no, no, I can't believe it." The streamer already met Leo personally. He was one of the guests at the farewell meeting in Barcelona last Saturday, where he went with Llanos. Both do not dimension the privilege of being in the same house as Messi sharing an intimate moment.

Of course, this new contact between Messi and Coscu revolutionized social networks and became a trend. Some published memes, telling in a funny way how Leo was watching the Twitch broadcast, allusions in favor of the streamer, such as the possibility that the best soccer player in the world has generated the communication despite the time difference.

Others praised Leo for his gesture. As a joke, they highlighted how Messi did send audio without his children waking up.

Messi shows a good bond with both Ibai Llanos and Coscu. The Spaniard was one of the guests at the PSG presentation. There was even transmission from the Parque de Los Príncipes Stadium facilities, Rosario's new football home.

As Leo informed Coscu, this Thursday, the captain of the Argentine team will carry out his first training session with the Parisian team to get physically ready to make his debut. However, for now, he will be available to coach Mauricio Pochettino. In addition, he will make contact with the rest of his teammates.